Client Love and Testimonials 

Virtual Assistants, Lead VAs with small teams, VA Agencies, Online Business Managers and Virtual Business Consultants – Over 1000, and I remember all of them and their VA journeys. From solo entrepreneurs to those with a small team and those with large temas – I have loved supporting each and every one of them. Why – well they have shown up, done the work, got the results for both their business and their personal life.  At times the journey has been a little challenging and between us we have gone through the ups and the downs!  But that’s business and part of the fun of the entrepreneurial journey!

Please read on below to see literally, dozens of stories and testimonials from Virtual Assistants who have worked with us as either part of the Luminary Coaching, the VA Mastery Course or through many mini courses or workshops we have offered, or who are part of the VA Membership.

If you’d like to join that list of awesome Clients, click one of the buttons below to see how we can work together. But if you would just like to know what what some of my clients think, keep on scrolling. 

Luminary Coaching

I  don’t know what I’d do without Amanda.

As a new VA, who is becoming very successful very quickly, I’ve struggled with a bit of overwhelm and Amanda has really helped me to realign my focus and keep me grounded.

I started off with a different coach that was just for general business coaching, but it didn’t work for me. Then I was introduced to Amanda.

She’s calm, kind, patient, and straight-talking, which I love. She really wants the best for her clients and wants to see you succeed. She’s just as much a supportive friend as she is a mentor. I still have so much to learn from her, and I’m excited to do so.

So, if you’re a VA (new or old) and need specific VA support from someone who is a highly experienced professional in their field, look no further!

Alanna Smith

Ask Alanna

“I have been a part time VA since 2005, which I run alongside a seasonal business in tourism.  I had been a member of Amanda’s VACT Facebook group for some while and was always impressed by Amanda and the support, valuable advice and dedication she offered in that group. 

In May 2020 I signed up for her Luminary 1:2:1 course and am so pleased I took that decision.  I had never really had any support as a VA and to grow my business I felt I needed that.  Amanda has pushed me out of my comfort zone and opened up a new world.  Working with her has given me confidence and helped me with so many things including taking a backward step and looking at my values, my vision and my long term plan.  I had never really done any networking prior to meeting her.  It took me a while to pluck up the courage to network, but now I love it.  I would not have taken that step without Amanda. 

My business is now evolving and going in a different direction to what I had first envisaged which is really exciting.  I couldn’t have done this without Amanda’s encouragement and advice. 

The VA membership itself is incredible – full of valuable webinars, learning materials and information, as well as the lovely group of VAs who are so collaborative and supportive.  I just wish I had more time to embrace everything that the membership offers.  I can’t recommend the VA membership highly enough. 

Jackie Paul

Virtually Assist Limit

Wow, what an amazing journey on completing and graduating from Amanda’s VA Mastery Course (VACT).

Amanda is an incredible businesswoman, coach and mentor and the ‘go to’ person for me.

In 2006 I sold my marketing company and returned to Corporate employed work and although I already possessed the knowledge and experience of owning a business; I found myself suddenly found myself redundant October 2020 from a job I loved I decided it was time to get back on the horse (as the saying goes)! Therefore Delegate 2 Accelerate Ltd was born.

With over 25+ years of Senior Management/EA/Project/Operational Management under my belt and experience of working in both the private and public sector in Senior Management roles, it was the challenge I took on to launch my business in January 2021. Hence, I needed the right course and the right coach to ensured I reached my goal.

It was incredibly important to me to ensure ROI and working alongside a knowledgeable, empathic and experienced coach whom I could completely trust and could celebrate the good times and provide a shoulder in the bad times. Mostly good times I hasten to add.

If this resonates with you, I completely recommend Amanda’s VA Mastery Course. Amanda’s course is cleverly and purposely built on layers of knowledge which you build on as you work through the incredible interesting course. Intuitively guides you ‘step by step’ on how to set up your VA business to ensure success. Furthermore, there is an incredible sense of community with other like-minded VAs, a Facebook Community Group, 121 Coaching with Amanda, monthly online training events, opportunities for Q&A with Amanda and the community, and so on.

I truly great investment for anyone who is interested in becoming super successful. I would highly recommend Amanda and her course to anyone who is seriously considering setting up their own VA business.

Sandra Johnson-Wallis

Delegate to Accelerate Limited

I recently completed the VA Mastery course run by Amanda. I would highly recommend Amanda to any aspiring Virtual Assistant, and I regularly do.

Amanda’s knowledge is second to none, she has a no-nonsense approach that motivates and boosts confidence. Choosing to sign up for this course has been the best decision for my business and I am excited to continue 1-1 mentoring with her. Thank you, Amanda.

jacy Ellenico

Virtually Accomplished

I have recently completed the VA Mastery course and have thoroughly enjoyed it. The VA Mastery is a professional course with progressive modules which provides all the information you need to set up your own VA business. It is designed to make you think and dig deep. Throughout the course Amanda has been there to guide me and to help me. She is a great coach with a no-nonsense but supportive approach. She believes in her students and pushes them to their reach their full potential. Amanda has always been there when I needed her and is very generous in sharing her knowledge. I am continuing with the Luminary 1:2:1 and am looking forward to more coaching calls with her. I highly recommend Amanda! 
Linda Seimens-Allen

Clever Pins

I have been mentored by Amanda for the last year and I can honestly say I do not what I would have done without her. She offers straight forward pragmatic advice, has been there and done it and appreciates how hard you have to work to build a successful VA business. She is always on hand to help and the support that is offered is second to none. You can always rely on her to be honest and forthright with a no nonsense approach. She is fantastic accountability partner. Thanks Amanda.
Emma Conway Hyde

The Umbrella Tree

Amanda is the “Go-To” for any aspiring Virtual Assistant. She is no-nonsense and will give a kick up the rear when it’s needed, but she is also an absolute gold mine of information and resources and I have never known her stumped or phased by any question I have thrown at her! Her VA Mastery course is, in my opinion, the best available and I would recommend to anyone considering a career as a VA, to start with Amanda’s course. Amanda has helped me immeasurably with my business growth and I continue to work with her as I start to reap the benefits of all of her great advice and knowledge. Thanks, Amanda.

Julia Ngapo

Omnia Business Management

Amanda has been an amazing support in my business journey. Not only have I had the pleasure of knowing Amanda as one of my ‘super-customers’, she’s also been a mentor to me as well. Her level of VA expertise is astounding and it’s been an absolute pleasure training with both Amanda and the VACT generally. She is there to guide and support you throughout the VA journey, and Amanda is as invested in your business success as you are! I’m honoured to have this amazing woman in my corner – deciding to train under her guidance, was one of THE best business decisions I’ve ever made and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who is thinking of becoming a VA – and if you’re currently a struggling VA, who need some extra support to get your business to the level of success that suits you and your family – I’d definitely recommend contacting Amanda too!

Sarah PJ White

Sarah PJ White

Amanda has offered invaluable support to me over the past few months, providing me with mentoring advice and, at times, just there to lend an ear on business ideas and also personally. Her honesty and wide range of VA knowledge has been a huge help to me and therefore truly grateful for her support. If you are thinking of setting up a VA business, I would highly recommend getting in touch with Amanda or booking yourself on one of her courses, you honestly won’t look back!

Lynsey Cowan

Elite VA

Amanda was one of the first people I asked for support from when I started my business and she’s been there for me ever since.

The 1:1 coaching I had from her ensured I understood my direction of travel and she helped me get rid of the noise in my head enabling me to prioritise the things that would really make a difference.

Her Membership Group is full of valuable advice too and is my go-to place when I get stuck!

I’ve also attended her GSDD events where we focus down on solving specific problems in our businesses. There’s something for every budget. Amanda’s no nonsense style is just what I need, and her support has been invaluable through my journey so far, I only wish I’d done it sooner!

Joanne Manville

Joanne Manville Virtual Assistance

In July, when I lost my job, I decided to put all my years of experience in business, admin and finance to good use and started my Admin Alchemist business as a VA. The VACT mastery course was brilliant, so informative and has helped immensely in setting up my business. I can’t thank Amanda enough and wouldn’t be where I am today. Not only has she created the VA mastery course, but the ongoing help and support she gives in a friendly and no-nonsense way is invaluable. I’d also like to thank her for setting up the VACT membership forums – such a friendly, supportive and helpful group of VAs. Thanks Amanda!

Alison Wood

Admin Alchemist

If you are considering becoming a VA, for a competitive edge, I would highly recommend the CPD accredited VACT Mastery Course.  If you can stretch to Luminary Coaching in parallel, so much the better.  Either way, the award winning VA Coach,  Amanda Johnson, is around to guide and encourage, along with your Peers. It is without doubt an education worth the investment!

Nicola Driscoll

EA.VA.PA. Services Limited

Signing up for the VACT Mastery Course with Amanda Johnson, was such a great decision for both me and my business. Not only has it given me a full understanding of all the steps required to set up and run a successful VA business, training with Amanda has given me the confidence, the assurance and most importantly the self-belief that I was lacking in myself that I can actually make this work. Amanda Johnson is just born to coach and mentor. She has the perfect balance of experience, knowledge, skills and ideas all delivered with energy in an innovative, relaxed and supportive way. She is however not afraid to give you a push or even a gentle but firm kick when required. If you are considering becoming a VA or are established but need some help to take your business to the next level, then I highly recommend that you check out the courses that Amanda offers at VACT. You won`t regret it. She really is quite Awesome!

Sandra Storoni

Paperweight PA

When I first spoke to Amanda I was just setting up my VA business and I had booked a free call. I was given a lot of helpful advice but there was no push to join her VA Mastery course or VA Membership. Thinking about it I don’t think they were even mentioned. But I did get lots of helpful advice. That was back in April 2018. 

Move forward a year and I had set up my business and felt the time was ready to take on a business mentor. So I got in touch with Amanda and signed up for a years mentoring. It was probably one of the best things I could have done for my business. Apart from the huge amount of materials that were made available, I also had monthly calls to discuss next steps and to ensure I stayed on track. It was motivating, confidence building and great not to feel like you were on your own. You were given the room to come up with the ideas yourself, with a gentle push if there were options available that you hadn’t even considered.

Since signing up I now have direction and know who my target audience is, the niche I am aiming at and a number of brilliant clients. Thank you Amanda I couldn’t have done it without you. 

Emma Setterfield

Virtual M

Amanda is truly awesome! I have known of Amanda for many years before I made the decision to join her 1:1 mentoring. After a few conversations where she shared her advice so freely, it was a no brainer that Elite PA Solutions would benefit from having her in our corner. Six months in and it’s not a decision I have doubted – not once. Amanda is supportive, pushes me to think outside my comfort zone and given me the courage to ‘just do it’. This year, I have started building a ‘small top notch’ team of virtual PAs who are now working successfully with Elite PA Solutions clients. Amanda’s held me accountable and reminded me that ‘doing’ everything singlehanded is not growing my business. She’s brilliant, calming and understanding of personal issues that do crop up and push you back at times. Highly recommend.

Sandy Hearn

Elite PA Solutions

When I decided to create my business and after much research I contacted Amanda to discuss her VA Mastery Course. There is no doubt it has been a long journey for me with many challenges along the way but Amanda was always there to offer support and encouragement. While I was confident in the skills, knowledge and experience I bring to my business, following Amanda’s Mastery Course has helped me build a solid foundation that will enable me to support my clients and provide them with a first class service. Amanda is an amazing coach and mentor, she has been behind me all the way through this journey and in those moments when I was all for giving up she was there offering encouragement and support. She has a no nonsense approach, tells you how it is but always gives constructive advice and feedback as well as virtual hugs when needed. If anyone is thinking about setting up their own business I strongly recommend they contact Amanda. Thank you Amanda for believing in me even when I didn’t, for your support and encouragement, I am forever in your debt.

Heather Bridgman

Bridge VA Solutions

Amanda’s skills, experience and ongoing support are outstanding. I enrolled in her mentoring program as I had built my VA business alone but wanted advice on scaling my business by working with a team of associates. The value of excellence provided by Amanda was AMAZING. Our regular weekly check in’s helped keep me on track with my goals and our regular 1:1 calls made me push boundaries and excel. Thank you, Amanda, for the significant contribution you offered over the past 12 months and helping my vision materialise. You are a star! 

Selina Johnson

Selina and Co

Amanda and I started collaborating at a key time in my business. I needed guidance and support and Amanda was perfect for me, with her experiences and approach suiting me very well. I joined the 1:2:1 mentoring programme and learned so much from Amanda who gave me confidence and direction to build my business. I am very happy to recommend Amanda to other VAs and business owners who are transitioning and are looking for expert guidance. Thanks to Amanda for also introducing me to the ‘Go-Giver’ approach to business.

Louisa Stewart

Blue Ninja

Amanda is the most knowledgeable and giving person I know. She makes me find my big girl pants when I need them and finds my smile when I have misplaced it. Not only that, I would not be where I am now without her support. I have known Amanda for a few years now (well maybe more than a few) and she has been there for me throughout. How she finds the time and energy to support the vast VA community that continues to grow I have no idea – but she does – and most importantly she does it awesomely! 

Natalie Andrews

NA Business

I would highly recommend Amanda as a coach for virtual assistants. She has a strong, no-nonsense approach, but is incredibly supportive at the same time. She has a wealth of information and experience from her background, which ensures she knows what she is talking about. I loved working with Amanda as my coach for the period we have worked together. Thank you Amanda for all your help and support this year.

Samantha Kruger

VA Mastery Course, VA Membership, Kick Start Your VA Business Course 

I got in touch with Amanda last June when I was first thinking about setting-up my business, and I am so glad I did.

Right from the beginning she provided me with very honest, constructive and experienced advice in response to my questions. She never tells you what to do, but her extensive experience of being a VA and training VAs means that there’s barely a scenario that she hasn’t come across.

No question is a silly question, and Amanda has a vast array of articles, guides and training to help you with pretty much anything you need to know.

She’s also built a fantastic community and is brilliant at referring you to other VAs for their advice if she thinks they are more expert than her on that particular area. Thank you Amanda – you’ve been a lifesaver!

Jenny Lovell

Northern Star VA Ltd

The membership has been an absolute lifesaver. I set up my own business using Amanda’s VA Mastery Course, and I can confidently say that I would not be where I am now if I had decided to go it alone.

I have continued my membership, and Amanda and all my fellow VAs who are also part of the Facebook support group included in the membership have been nothing short of spectacular whenever I have needed help with anything. I would recommend this membership to any VA without hesitation.

Isobel Jenkins

Tick Off Those Lists

Joining the VA Membership was a massive turning point. I knew that I had the skills to do VA work, but what I lacked was the confidence to go it alone, launch my own business and be responsible for my own clients. I was frightened of getting it wrong, or not having the answers.

Amanda’s VA Membership provides a community of other supportive VA’s, who provide a hive of knowledge and support. Amanda herself puts so much content in the membership. Every area that I have a question about, there seems to be articles, training and support within the membership. If there isn’t something specific then a quick message to Amanda and she will point you int he right direction.

Investing in the VA membership was a big decision, but that investment has more than paid for itself in the first 6 months. The piece of mind in knowing that I have somewhere to go and a community, rather than going it alone, is invaluable.

Vickie Grant

Victoria Grant VA Services

As a relatively new VA starting out, I have found VACT Membership to be a very valuable resource for training, advice and cameraderie.  
However experienced, or inexperienced your background may be whilst finding your feet, the group have a wealth of talent to impart and are always ready to support you.  I feel that I have learnt a lot in a short time.
Samantha Wallace

Guardian Angel VA Ltd

Quite simply, without Amanda and VACT, my business wouldn’t be anywhere near as profitable as it is now.
Before I joined the membership, I wasn’t sure what legalities needed to be in place and what to charge. I was also looking at spending out on training to bump up the services I could offer, making VACT quite cost effective when I added in all the benefits.
With Amanda’s encouragement, after only a couple of months of joining, I was earning the same money, but working 1/4 of the hours, giving me back time to take on a better class and better paying clients.
The added warm fuzzy feeling of having a safety net of other VA’s from every stage along the VA journey to bounce idea’s around with has really made me a much more confident VA.
I view VACT as an essential part of my business.
Mandy Durrell

Tandem Virtual Resources

I am so grateful to be part of the VA Membership.

It is not only an incredible community full of supportive and knowledgeable VAs but there is amazing training and support meaning there is always something new to learn.  Running a business can be daunting and lonely but not when you are in a Membership like this.

Phoebe Scaife

Ruby Moon VA

I have just completed the VACT Mastery course. The course was perfect as I transitioned from experienced employee to building my confidence and fundamental knowledge to become a successful VA business owner. There is so much to learn on the journey, often having to dig deep within for the answers! With access to course notes, monthly webinars, Q&A sessions, a supportive training group, and continual guidance and motivation from Amanda I thoroughly enjoyed compiling my Business Bible. Amanda has a wealth of knowledge to share, she is a passionate VA coach and mentor. I would highly recommend this course to anyone taking their journey seriously to become a Virtual Assistant. Thank you Amanda! I look forward to your continued support going forward.

Heather Maclaurin

Heather Mac VA

I highly recommend the VACT course created by our resident superwoman Amanda Johnson to anyone who is looking to venturing into the VA world. Not only is it extensively detailed and current, it also gets you to into the thinking and building a business owner mindset too, setting you up for all the challenges that you may face at the beginning and giving you a solid foundation that you can build upon as you and your business grows. The course and the additional resources including the webinars makes this course well worth the price. I am extremely grateful I invested in this course as it meant I invested in my future endeavours as a business owner as well.

Rahima Delvero

Arendalia Ltd

I have recently graduated from the VACT Mastery course. I am an experienced EA with more than 20 years of experience and I am confident in saying that I know how to support business people but I do not know anything about running a business and this is where the VACT Mastery Course comes into its own right. The course breaks down everything, step by step what is required from a VA to set up a successful business with the ongoing support of Amanda Johnson. She has a personal interest in each and every one of her students. I highly recommend anyone who would consider setting up a VA business to attend this course.

Arenda Kuschke

Arendalia Ltd

Where do I start… Amanda’s VA Mastery Course (VACT) is an absolute life-changer and is so much more than an online course! Amanda’s thoughtfulness and ability to listen to my story and my journey so far was so refreshing. We were able to talk through how embarking on this VA Mastery Course would perfectly compliment my goals, making them far more achievable. Throughout the course, with her warmth and fun, Amanda has been completely present and incredibly supportive. If I was concerned about anything or needed advice on how to tackle any of the modules, Amanda was just a click away! I cannot thank Amanda enough for all the valuable personal and business advice she gave throughout the course and continues to give. If you are looking for a quality VA course, where you are actively supported both individually as well as in groups, led by a passionate and committed coach, trainer and mentor, then look no further than Amanda Johnson’s VA Mastery Course! I highly recommend this course! 

Debbie Potts

DAP VA Limited

I was getting made redundant so thought I would make the bold decision of changing my future and becoming a Virtual Assistant. I was recommended by someone to enrol on the VA Mastery course and I am delighted that I did. The course is absolutely brilliant and enables you to gain all the skills required to become a VA business owner, whilst being supported by Amanda every step of the way and being part of a VA Membership group, so you never feel on your own. Nothing is too much trouble for Amanda and her knowledge and experience is so extensive. I highly recommend Amanda she is awesome and now someone I definitely consider as my friend/mentor for life.

Laura Taylor


I can safely say that the VA Mastery course is one of the best, if not the best, training course I’ve completed! I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is thinking of working as a VA and is wondering where to start. It has taken me through a journey, not just for business but personal too and does challenge you throughout, to think about your goals, aims and where you would like to be and why. Amanda has been a great support and will continue to be my mentor going forward. 

Joanne Kenyon

Wow. Where to start with Amanda?! Well, A is for Awesome which (appears to be), Amanda’s favourite word.  My theory is because so many people have used it to describe her.

I chose Amanda as my VA mentor and signed up to the VACT Mastery Course because, aside from the fact that she has won awards for her training, Amanda appealed to me as a coach who would be supportive yet hold me accountable. And she has – yes, I took longer than others to complete my course but Amanda didn’t berate me – she nudged, supported, coached and encouraged me through until I succeeded.

With hindsight yes, it would’ve been better to do the course BEFORE I launched myself as a VA but doing it simultaneously has had it’s benefits too.  The amount of information and guidance within the VA Mastery course is actually AWESOME.  There’s LOADS!  And that’s another reason why I would absolutely, 100% without hesitation recommend that whatever stage of the journey you’re at, if you want to be a brilliant and successful virtual assistant – you need to sign up now!

Amanda will not only teach you what you need to know about being a VA, but also about running your own business, being ‘the boss’ and creating the career you want, on YOUR terms. She has years of experience, has fantastic relationships with hundreds of VA so she can help you avoid making mistakes, develop you quickly and equip you for success.

If you’re unsure – call her – she’ll be honest, open and informative… and I’m pretty sure you’ll sign up to learn from her!

Sam Platten

Sam Platten VA

I can’t recommend Amanda highly enough. She is an amazing VA coach who really cares about the VAs she helps. She’s the perfect blend of compassion and straight talking that mean a session with her is like having the lights switched on, no matter where you are in your VA business. Thank you Amanda, for being awesome!!!

Jennifer Chamberlin

My Bilingual VA

Oh my, I have just finished the VA Mastery Course that Amanda runs. This lady is a true machine, the additional blogs and info that she provides alongside the course is immense, I’m not sure Amanda sleeps.

The course was so full of content it was amazing. The groups that you get access to are invaluable, the feedback received on course modules is detailed and helpful with so much direction given. The resources that you have access to during the course is outstanding.

If you are thinking of taking the leap and setting up as a Virtual Assistant – Amanda is your lady. Would definitely recommend. Thank you so much for the help you’ve given me along the way and no doubt in the future months to come. So appreciated.

Tamsin Jago


Amanda is a superb VA trainer and coach. VACT’s (CPD accredited) courses and learning materials are industry leading in their quality and content.

VACT’s online membership communities are a wonderful source of knowledge sharing, professional encouragement and skill enhancement. Anyone considering becoming a VA should speak with Amanda in the first instance. Highly recommended!

Natalie Smith

I would highly recommend the VA Mastery Course. I always wanted to run my own business but having spent my career in criminal justice, I had no idea where to start. The course provides you with all the information you need to start your VA business or to build and grow your existing VA business. You are also connected with a lovely group who are going through the same process and together with Amanda provide the most amazing support. If only I had discovered Amanda earlier!

Mally Whale

True VA

Simply put – Amanda is great. Without her knowledge, support and expertise I wouldn’t have been able to start my business anywhere near as quickly as I was.

Many ‘trainers’ out there, but Amanda is the real deal. She knows the industry inside and out and actually cares how her students, connections and clients do.

100% recommend

Kirsty Deveney

Virtual Ops

I have just completed Amanda’s VA mastery course and can honestly say I would not be this far along in my business if I hadn’t enrolled. Despite having a great career in PR and marketing before having children, I lost my confidence and huge part of my identity when I became a mum to my daughters.

This course helped me find my voice again & give me that sense of achievement that I was craving. Amanda is an absolute fountain of knowledge and inspirational business woman. I would definitely recommend this course 👍🏻

Hannah Leach

Amanda is an amazing Virtual Assistant coach and I regularly recommend her to any new or interested VAs. I completed her VA Mastery Course and Amanda supported me in the best possible way. Becoming a new business owner is a scary prospect but Amanda gives you the tools to put you on the right path. I would recommend Amanda as the best VA coach (and she has many awards to prove this). Thank you, Amanda, for all your support and advice throughout my journey of the course and I look forward to the continued support your groups give our industry. 

Kerry Harper


Amanda was 100% there for the conception of Your Virtual Angel. She and I were throwing ideas around on the phone and I swear she had a window into my mind as she was describing exactly what I was seeing – we were practically talking over each other with excitement!

It was such a defining moment finding VACT at the Women In Business Expo 2019 but whilst I was looking for a course I never realised I was finding a one in a million mentor too.

My talks with a Amanda and her constant and continuing support are priceless. Amanda imparts wisdom and helps guide you on your own journey of self discovery as you create your VA business. Thank you so much for helping me find my feet and for being so instrumental in the creation of my business. 

Fliss Murdoch

Your Virtual Angel

Amanda is a fantastic mentor and VA trainer. I was quite overwhelmed at the start of my VA journey, not knowing how to get started and very much craving some structure.

After considering a few options, I was drawn to the VACT course and then, after chatting to Amanda, decided to go for it! It is so well structured, better than I could have imagined, so much detail per module, which helps get the critical questions out of you and build up confidence at the same time. What I especially love is how empathetic, and supportive Amanda is, any stumble, knock or issue, she is so supportive and gives us the honest truths which are the exact things needed when starting a new venture.

I can’t thank nor recommend Amanda enough as I’m sure had I of not chosen this course, then I believe it would have taken me so much longer to get myself ready to launch.

Rowena S Fernando

Rowena Fernando Virtual Assistant

I’ve recently completed my VA Mastery course with VACT Ltd.  It has been such a positive and supportive experience, all credit to Amanda Johnson who is so dedicated in ensuring her clients achieve and feel empowered.  I would recommend Amanda and her course if you want straight talking and knowledgeable experience.  Amanda is a great coach and mentor, thank you so much Amanda.

Katy Broughton

Katy Broughton Your VA

Amanda is quite simply life-changing.

I signed up to the VA Mastery Course after reading through her testimonials and realising this was the course I’d been searching for. After signing up I had a personal message straight away welcoming me and the support just got better and better from there.

Amanda is no-nonsense, positive and encouraging in her approach.

The course itself is fabulous – it walks you through literally everything you need to start your own VA business – not just practical steps but confidence and motivation when things are tough. There is a group of other VAs to chat to plus regular webinars.

I certainly would not have set up my own business without Amanda’s support and assistance and, like so many other VAs, are truly grateful for all she does for our lovely community. If you have thought about being a VA, Amanda is the lady to speak to, you won’t regret it.

Ellie Hogston

Ask Ellie

After being notified of redundancy I decided I wanted to set up my own Virtual Assistant business. After researching I found this amazing course run by Virtual Assistant Coaching & Training – The VA Mastery Course. Amanda is a fabulous coach and mentor with a wealth of knowledge and offers so much support. And when you need it… is there to give you a little push or nudge in the right direction!

The course made me think really deeply about myself and how I wanted to shape my business and gave me the tools and knowledge I needed to actually set up and run a successful business.

I would encourage anyone who is thinking of setting up their own Virtual Assistant business to speak with Amanda and get themselves on this course.

Olivia Lucassi

Lightning Virtual Assistants

I have recently graduated from Amanda’s VA Mastery course and I can honestly say I wouldn’t have had the confidence to leave employment and set up my VA business without this course and Amanda’s guidance. I had many questions and concerns when first setting up and so many aspects of the course answered these questions for me, and Amanda was always on hand to respond to direct messages with further questions.

Examples of how the course has helped me: one of the course modules suggests sending out surveys to your ideal clients and doing this gained me my first clients. The course encouraged me to join a local networking group, Amanda helped me write my 1-minute and I gained more clients from regularly attending.

I’ve recently had a baby and the course guided me on how to approach associates to cover for me while I take some maternity leave, how to work with associates and I discussed what to pay them with Amanda. If you’re considering setting up a VA business, Amanda is the person to speak to! 

Charlie Lester

The Arts VA

I have known Amanda a couple of years now, and have graduated from the VACT Mastery course. Amanda tells it as it is. She is a great listener and will motivate you to strive for the best version of yourself. I highly recommend Amanda and VACT to anyone looking for a VA course or a mentor.

Michelle Molyneux

Before I completed Amanda’s Social Media Bootcamp I was invisible on social media and I absolutely hated doing it and I certainly wasn’t consistent with it. However, I worked through it and the information provided is incredible and I really love the action plans and checklists that you do to move forward. If you want to get your head around social media then I recommend you take a look at the Social Media Bootcamp. 

Emma Setterfield

Virtual M

I signed up for the VA mastery course when I was looking for something to give me confidence in my ability create my own path. Amanda gave me some invaluable advice and her course is excellent for taking you through everything you need in order to be able to set up your own VA business

Keri Watkins

Amanda was incredibly patient and helpful throughout my entire journey through the Mastery course. Becoming a VA has been a total career change for me and I literally wouldn’t have made it through this journey without Amanda’s guidance and support. I cannot recommend her course or coaching enough.

Lara Lambert

Auxilio Support

Just need to say a few words! I’ve recently started providing a slightly unique service for VA’s. I asked for some help from Amanda to get it off the ground, and now she recommends me every 2 seconds. Her help and support for what I am doing is invaluable, and I am extremely grateful – a truly kind person, But I’m not the only one who thinks she’s great! Every single virtual assistant I speak to – which is an ever increasing number – say nothing but good things to me about her VA Mastery Course.

Darren Strudwick

VA Websites

Amanda is absolutely amazing and is a real support and when there are times when things go wrong or are not working, out Amanda has the time to listen and provide invaluable support and advice. I am currently doing the VA Mastery Course with Amanda who has been a tremendous help and support by providing alternative ways of approaching something or the best way in order to achieve the goal that one is working to at the time. I can highly recommend Amanda not only as a brilliant VA Trainer but also as a brilliant support. Many thanks.

Philippa Pearson

Witts End Business Services

I had a discovery call with Amanda at a point when I was feeling particularly stuck in my business.

I was amazed at how much Amanda covered in the 30 minute call, including constructive feedback about my website, services and pricing, drawing out of me what direction I wanted to go in and then giving me great advice on how to achieve it. I came away with so much clarity and a renewed sense of energy and focus for my business. I’m a member of the VA Help Desk Amanda runs and she is so active in this group – consistently pushing, inspiring and motivating everyone. If you are stuck in your business and need someone to put you on the right path – speak to Amanda!

Natalie Pewsey

Your Virtual Assistant

I met Amanda at an event in Manchester June 2018 and then in June 19 I signed up to the VA Mastery course. Amanda answered so many questions for me before during and after the course. It’s very thorough and covers all the necessities for starting your own VA business. So many things I hadn’t and wouldn’t have thought of. But what is great is the in-depth feedback provided following each module as-well. If you are considering VA Mastery course – go for it!

Ellen Williams

Ministry VA

What can I say? Amanda is without a doubt the best VA trainer there is! The course has been designed to be adaptable, fit in around your existing commitments and it really helps you to focus on what you want to achieve with your business. It has enabled me to establish strong foundations, the opportunity to scale the business and it has absolutely fast tracked my success. On top of this, she fully believes in collaboration and not competition. This message is clear in everything she does and I have gained some lifelong friends and colleagues as a result of the supportive groups she runs.

Jodye Laxton

Beyond Admin Limited

Amanda is a legend. Fact. I started her VA mastery course a couple of months ago and I’ve already decided it was one of the best career moves I’ve ever made. The level of advice and support is amazing. Amanda really has got every aspect of being a VA covered in her training but not only that, she takes time to provide, useful, honest and constructive feedback. As part of of this training you are also able to participate in a fantastically supportive group to share experiences, worries, and wins. I would highly recommend her training to anyone considering becoming a VA or to those who need a boost in their VA career.

Sam Platten

It was really nice to chat to you.  I came away feeling inspired and confident about setting up a new business, and Louise has always spoken really highly of you and the course.
I’ve started to get through the toolkit this week which has been a real eye opener. (Especially my chosen power words!)”

(Kick Start Your VA Business Course)

Amanda is a fantastic trainer for anyone looking to build a new career and ultimately business within the VA industry. The course is practical and supportive with plenty of value in each piece of content. Amanda knows the sector inside and out and I personally wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her or the VA mastery course. Thank you Amanda!!

Amy Nolan


The brilliant VA Mastery Course modules have been put together by Amanda in such a manner that provokes a real thought process. This course has given me an insight into why and how I want to run my VA business. Throughout the process, I learned not only practical skills but how to stay motivated by setting goals. Amanda asks very clever questions and has set tasks throughout the course that makes one understand the essence and reasoning behind actions. Amanda is a professional down to earth mentor with a wealth of knowledge. 

Matty Panagopoulos

I toyed with the idea of being a VA for nearly 5 years . I met Amanda in person at a PA Conference in Nov 2017. She was so warm and encouraging after listening to my intentions and offered to speak to me should the need arise. It was 6 months later I signed up for the VA Mastery Course. 1.5 years later, I’m 3 months into my business full time, still building parts of it and having motivational calls with Amanda regularly.

The content in the course is current, relevant and has all you need to know to become a VA. After each section in every module there is a chance to pen in your thoughts on what you’ve read and how you will apply it to the business. It forces you to think deep and adopt the mindset of a business owner.

I was also fortunate to do the first Mastery Course weekend in October last year with Amanda and a few other VAs. This was very useful as Amanda went through some parts of the course in person and the opportunity to ask any questions and listen to other VAs, some starting out and some already in the business for a while. There was so much knowledge gained learning from the experiences of others.

Amanda is always there for us, answering messages quickly and addresses whatever concerns we have, coming back to you if she doesn’t have an immediate solution. I don’t know how she manages to look out for us all, offer support on all the Facebook groups, constantly checking in on questions asked plus being a wife and mother. She’s there to always hold your hand and let you know you’re awesome no matter what the odds and believe in yourself. I would not hesitate to recommend VACT to anyone who is interested in being a VA and knowing what’s involved because you will be in good hands with Amanda.

Elizabeth Wharmby

Completing the Kick Start Course has been the best investment for my business. When I started I thought I had an idea of the clients I wanted to work with and how I wanted to structure my business and how I would market my business. All of this has now completely changed thanks to everything I have learnt. Amanda has taught me so much that I hadn’t and wouldn’t have considered on my own. I have grown so much since starting this course and I am certain I can now make a success of my VA business which would have certainly failed if I hadn’t have met Amanda. If anyone is considering training with Amanda at VACT – DO IT!
Louise Mackie

I have recently completed the VA Mastery Course with VACT. It was a fantastic course covering every area possible in setting up your VA business. A huge thank you to Amanda for the incredible support. I am now confident and excited about running my own VA business which I have wanted to do for a number of years. I highly recommend booking in a Discovery Call.

Phoebe Scaife

Amanda is an inspiring lady to say the least. She has given me vision, focus and masses of tools and confidence in my future as a virtual assistant business owner. I recently completed the VA Mastery Course with the VACT and although it was a challenge, Amanda always made herself available to me whenever I had any questions, her response time was admirable considering how in demand her attention and time is. I have kept all of Amanda’s feedback to the modules I completed as points of reference to running my business in future, they make an excellent read and are filled with both bags of praise, constructive criticism and tips on ideas to consider further. Her support has been extensive and ‘above and beyond’ at times; I would highly recommend her courses to anyone considering going into the VA industry.

Amanda’s understanding of her clients’ needs are her priority, this shows through in her natural ability to encourage and support people with her charm and warmth as a mentor. She is absolutely…AWESOME! I really, really hope she will be able to help me launch my VA business later this year. Fingers crossed she will have space for me!

Amanda Gaffney

Amanda is extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic and supportive. She is always available for advice and responds to questions quickly. She has a no-nonsense direct approach which I love. I am new to the VA world and a beginner in running a small business and she has been a great mentor over the past few months.

Louise Reid

Reid PA Services

Had a call with Amanda on Monday and was great to speak to someone with such experience that I felt starting up is a lot less daunting then it seems. Was great to have someone challenge my thoughts and how I am setting things up. Thank you

Sarah Pavitt

Westbury Admin Services

I contacted Amanda at VACT to book a Build and Grow Strategy Call. I felt I needed a bit of guidance and a call with Amanda was just what I was looking for. Amanda’s soft direct approach enabled me to see things in a slightly different way. She took time to go through my business and story with me and gave lots of direction and advice and as a result have a list of actions to carry out to enhance my business and take it to the next level. I would highly recommend booking a strategy call with Amanda – the help, guidance and support from someone who has ‘been there and done it’ is invaluable. Thank you so much Amanda.

Susan Wright

The Wright VA

I contacted Amanda over a year ago after deciding that I wanted to do the job that I currently do on a self-employed virtual basis. I have slowly worked my way through the VA Mastery course and set up my virtual assistant business all completely at my own pace due to still holding down a day job before going on maternity leave. Amanda has been a fantastic support, she is very good at gauging what stage you are at and the right times to be in contact. She is very supportive and understanding and the course contact is fantastic. I would not have been able to launch my own business without doing the course and without Amanda’s help and support which I am very grateful for. The Facebook groups are invaluable for continued advice and support. Thank you Amanda!

Helen English

Virtual Practice Management

Amanda is brilliant. She knows her stuff. Such a great support. Will always go to her to advice from now on.

Jay Guest

Amanda is truly great at listening, and understanding what kind of support you need. She challenges and pushes you in a way that makes it clear that she on your side, trying to help you. If you are thinking about becoming a VA, I recommend starting with one of Amanda’s discovery calls.

Åsa Tassdal

I am a member of Amanda’s VA Help Desk programme and find the content extremely valuable to me for my business as a VA and also personally. Amanda has a wealth of knowledge and shares it generously. She is always quick to answer queries and help wherever possible, guiding you in the right direction and giving you a gentle kick when needed! Thoroughly recommend working with Amanda!

Karen Broughton

I can’t say enough good things about Amanda and the course I took with VACT. She’s fantastic at what she does! Amanda knows exactly what you need from her at exactly the right time. Whether that be advice, encouragement or a kick into action and some tough love. She has helped me more than she will ever know with my confidence and self worth in my business. She offers heaps of guidance and value to the people she mentors. Anybody considering becoming a VA needs to speak to this lovely woman. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her. Thank you for everything Amanda.

Alannah Abbott

I recently completed Amanda’s Social Media Bootcamp and it was fab! Full of useful information and tips and it has really helped boost my profile on SM, especially LinkedIn. I definitely recommend the course for new VAs and established VAs who might need a refresher.

Melanie Howell

I’ve recently graduated from the VA Mastery course after I decided to set up my own VA business, and can highly recommend working with Amanda. I came across her 3 years ago when I was in the early stages of launching my business, and she has held my hand and guided me through setting up, forming, and running Cotswold Colleague. Amanda is very personable, professional, generous with her knowledge and gives a huge amount of support when things are tough and a no-nonsense kick when you need to get moving. I’m looking forward to her on-going mentoring and guidance, she’s awesome!

Nicki Watson

Amanda Johnson is a wealth of knowledge and support. Luckily for the rest of us, she loves to share this knowledge! During our coaching session, I felt that my passions were her passions, too. She helped me to focus my energy to meet my goals much faster than I would have accomplished on my own.
Denise Clarity

I signed up to Amanda’s training after discovering I could do possibly do the job I love on a self-employed basis. The training that VACT offer is thorough, detailed and challenging and focuses on running a successful VA business. Amanda herself is an incredibly generous and supportive trainer and mentor. I wouldn’t have my own successful business without the training of VACT or Amanda’s ongoing support and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to take the step of setting up their own VA business.
Judith Andrews

I can categorically state that without the VA Mastery Course and the encouragement of the VACT, I would have fumbled my way through starting my VA business. The content, training, methodology, the tools and the support provided will give you the boost and confidence you need to get your VA business off the ground.

Barbara Moorer

I recently completed The Social Media Manager Success Plan with Amanda and greatly enjoyed it. I’m also a member of the VA Help Desk and Amanda provides a wealth of information, knowledge and expertise for Virtual Assistants. You feel in very safe hands which is invaluable!
Jennifer Corcoran

Amanda has provided an extremely comprehensive and enjoyable Social Media for Business training package for me. With deep specialist knowledge and patience, Amanda tailored and delivered the course paying particular attention to the areas I was most interested in gaining a thorough understanding of. Thank you so much.

Sara Field

I would like to thank Amanda for her generous advice and guidance which is so freely given. Amanda’s passion for training and supporting virtual assistants comes through in her webinars, giving so generously of her time, experience and wisdom. I would highly recommend Amanda if you are thinking of becoming a virtual assistant.
Trish McFarlane

I contacted Amanda when I decided to set up a VA business. During our discussions she was very helpful and knowledgeable. It was also apparent that she knew the industry very well.  I find Amanda very approachable, and is always happy to help. With Amanda’s advice, I have been able to now set up my business correctly.  Thank you Amanda.
Joanna Marat

VA Taster Session, 2014, Bournemouth: I attended a recent VA taster session which Amanda held at a local hotel. From the very beginning of booking on-line to meeting up Amanda made everything so easy. The session took place over four hours and although we had an agenda the group session was very fluid and we spoke about things that concerned us becoming a VA with Amanda giving us her expert advice. At the end of the session Amanda very briefly spoke about the training courses she runs but there was no sales pitch or pressure to book onto future courses. In fact I have booked onto the further training courses and really feel that I am on my way to becoming a successful VA.

Barbara Marsh

Amanda is inspiring, resourceful, logical and practical. She has been remarkably helpful on my journey when I have required honest guidance and feedback. I am very pleased to have met her and have received the benefit of her experience.
Ella Pickard

I decided to enrol on the Mastery Course and this was definitely the best thing I could have done. I have been given tools to set up and manage my business that I don’t think I would have found anywhere else. With the support offered, you always have somewhere to turn when you are unsure or need clarification.
Angela Clark

I would highly recommend Amanda as the best VA trainer I have come across. Her generosity with her time those she supports, but also even to those VAs unable to attend her courses, is extraordinary and really helps you feel championed along the way when things get tough or when you need experienced guidance to help you make decisions. She shares her knowledge unconditionally and is an excellent example of what many VA’s could aspire to be. I would highly recommend working with Amanda.
Lucy Tipler

“I’m delighted that I came across VACT and Amanda Johnson, the training and support which Amanda provides is superb, it has been an invaluable resource in helping me set up and grow my VA business. From our initial contact when I enquired about the VACT training courses, to graduating, Amanda has been a great support, always happy to help, warm & friendly in everything that she does. Amanda’s knowledge of the VA industry is outstanding, she’s well respected, and that’s not just limited to the VA community. It’s been a pleasure working with Amanda, and if you are thinking of embarking on your own VA business, you should definitely have a conversation with her!”
Catherine Blackwood

I chose Amanda to be my mentor. She has a vast amount of experience and knowledge about the Virtual Assistant world. She delivers her advice in a caring, yet no nonsense attitude. I always felt she is with me 100% in helping me to reach my goals. She was available on the phone, via email, via Linkedin or via Facebook. Every communication channel was open! I wouldn’t hesitate for a second in recommending her services to aspiring Virtual Assistants or those that have been in business for years. Mentoring from Amanda enables you to drive your Virtual Assistant business forward, avoid unnecessary mistakes and realise your full potential. Thank you Amanda

Tanya Daye

Having just graduated from the VA Mastery Course with VACT, I wanted to say a big thank you to Amanda Johnson for her patience and understanding. Amanda offers group webinars which are a really valuable resource, along with support throughout each of the 12 modules. She clearly has passion and expertise to help others who have the desire to become outstanding VA’s. For anyone thinking of becoming a VA then I’d recommend you start with Amanda at VACT

Sofia Freijeiro-Armitage

I’ve just finished a great taster session with Amanda on Starting a VA business. It was well structured, informative and I came away feeling energised and full of excitement for my new career path! Amanda is a positive trainer, tuned in to her audience, and is approachable and engaged. Any questions I had were welcomed and answered with knowledge and examples. She is good at teasing out your strengths and areas in which you might specialise in order to differentiate yourself. I was given some good guidelines for moving ahead and the opportunity for more targeted training should I wish to extend my training. I would heartily recommend anyone thinking of starting down the VA path to invest a few hours with Amanda – well worth the time!

Lynn Hillston

I began the VA Mastery Course believing I was literally going to sharpen up on a few aspects of business formation and social media etiquette…

Instead, I was introduced to an incredible world of support and collaboration, with Amanda at the helm. Her courses and Groups are not like any of the others you may find.

There is no fluff.

There is no empty praise.

Here you will find a woman passionate about her industry and maintaining excellence therein, who has built a community of like-minded, skilled Virtual Assistants dedicated to MASTERY.

There is no doubt in my mind that this was the right route to take. Thank you, Amanda.

Laurie Knight

Knight Shift Virtual Assistant Services

I found the VACT course when I was searching/learning about how to become a Virtual Assistant, and I can honestly say choosing the VACT course as my first step to becoming a VA was the best decision I have made. The course is thorough, detailed, gives you everything you need in order to think like a business owner and in turn, use the information you learn to help your ideal clients.
Amanda (VACT) is also extremely up-to-date with all the current trends and needs of the SME business owners, dedicated with a capital D, a walking encyclopaedia and a complete expert in the VA field. She will guide you in the right direction and I find her VA Facebook group as well as her VA Membership useful, with continuous new resources that help to train you on what you need to know in the different sectors in the VA world. I highly recommend choosing the VACT course/membership in order to build your VA business.
Rahima Delvero

Remy Assist

I’d heard straight from the get-go that VACT was one of the most highly respected VA mentoring and training programmes out there.

If I was going to set up my own VA business, I was going to do it with the best. And I wasn’t disappointed.  I undertook the VA Mastery Course while working part time over an 8-month period.  The VA Mastery Course goes into great depth about running not only a VA business but what it means to run your own business in general. Don’t get me wrong, it was hard going at times, but coming out the other end and graduating with all the information I could possibly need was an incredible feeling!

Graduating the Mastery Course and moving to the Membership has proven invaluable too. There is so much information to fall back on to help guide me and improve my skill set.  As I learn more and grow my business, it’s comforting to know that I have the continued support from Amanda and fellow graduates if I have a question or need advice.

In a relatively short space of time, I have an associate role and 3 clients, and I have no doubt in my mind that doing the VA Mastery course and having Amanda as a no-nonsense mentor gave me the vital foundations and building blocks that has enabled me to get to where I am now. The continued support and information that Amanda shares, empowers me to grow and want the very best for my business. I am loving every minute!

Clair Abrey

Sterling Virtual Assistant

I have recently completed the fantastic VA Mastery course and the VA Membership came as a freebie. At the time I thought it was a nice bonus, but it wasn’t until I completed the course and started to participate in the group that I realised how valuable this membership is to me. I went from feeling a bit alone to instantly feeling as a part of great and supportive community.

There are lots of well-established VAs in the group who share their knowledge and associate job opportunities. And of course, lovely Amanda is always there to make things crystal clear! As a starting VA I don’t think I could be on this journey without such group. 

Lisa Partington Webber

LPW Virtual Assistant Services

I have recently completed the fantastic VA Mastery course and the VA Membership came as a freebie. At the time I thought it was a nice bonus, but it wasn’t until I completed the course and started to participate in the group that I realised how valuable this membership is to me. I went from feeling a bit alone to instantly feeling as a part of great and supportive community.

There are lots of well-established VAs in the group who share their knowledge and associate job opportunities. And of course, lovely Amanda is always there to make things crystal clear! As a starting VA I don’t think I could be on this journey without such group. 

Barbora Edozie

LemonTree Solutions Limited

I highly recommend Amanda Johnson and the VACT Mastery Course and Membership.  As a result of the pandemic, I was made redundant after many years of corporate service.  For months I was worried and fretted about what to do next. A chance encounter with an ex-colleague led me to Amanda and the rest is history.
She is a force of nature and an oracle of all things VA and starting a business.  I would not have been able to do this without her support and the support of all those in the Membership.
It is difficult to believe how much I have learnt in such a short time but none of it would have been possible without VACT and Amanda!
Angela Sheahan

I have just graduated from Amanda’s VA Mastery course. If running a VA business is something you want to take seriously, then I highly recommend taking the VACT Ltd VA Mastery course The course is broken down into manageable chunks, and covers everything you need… and then some to get your VA business up and running…the right way! The feedback and support you get from Amanda in the training group with your cohort, and personally as you submit each module is second to none. Amanda really takes the time to understand you and your goals for your business, and is on hand for motivation and occasional kicks up the bum. I’ve really enjoyed the course. It was thought provoking and challenging, and has set up the foundations for my business.

Sharon Loose

When I set up as a VA in early 2020, I had the enthusiasm but not necessarily the know-how. This all changed when I enrolled on the VACT VA Mastery course: a self-paced online course that starts with detailed self-reflection exercises on you, your why, your vision and your goals, and then walks you through the practicalities of setting up, running and marketing your VA business. Amanda supports you throughout the course via comprehensive feedback on completed modules, as well as through the private Facebook group where you can ask questions and interact with other VACT students. By the time I graduated, I had laid the solid foundations for a sustainable and growing business, my confidence had soared, and I had made connections with a group of supportive and like-minded VAs. For anyone thinking about becoming a VA, I’d highly recommend Amanda and the VA Mastery course. 

Pip Doleman

Pip Doleman VA

I can’t recommend Amanda Johnson @ VACT highly enough she is amazing. I left a corporate career in March after 24 years which was very daunting! After some deliberation I decided to pursue a new career as a Virtual Assistant and so purchased the VACT Mastery Course to help me on my way. It is Fantastic!! Amanda was the perfect trainer & coach – she is straight talking, the course has a wealth of information and there is also a Facebook Membership group you can join with other VAs who are all as amazing and 100% supportive #Collaborationnotcompetition. If you ever think of being a VA the VA Mastery Course is totally the course to pick! Thank you Amanda!

Rebecca Lindley


I have just completed the VA mastery course. I have gained so much knowledge and the resources available are brilliant. This course guides you from the very start of your business and helps you think about what you want from it in the future as well. Amanda is highly supportive and answers any questions that you have. She has a no-nonsense approach and will tell you how it is, whilst supporting you. I would highly recommend this course for anyone starting on their VA journey. I am also looking forward to being part of Amanda’s VA membership group. Amanda has such a vast amount of knowledge and happily shares it. Thank you, Amanda, for all your support and guidance.

Gloria Holmes

GH Virtual Assistant

Amanda is an excellent trainer and has created a very thorough and challenging course which ensures those that undertake it have an extensive understanding of how to set up and run a successful Virtual Assistant business.

She provided in-depth feedback and support through the duration of study and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about becoming a virtual assistant.

Sarah Hope-MacLeod

Time and Tide Virtual Business Support

Amanda has been great from start to finish with my stint working with her as a VACT client in the VA mastery course. From the very beginning, she was helpful and did not push into any sales but found what was best for me. Starting the course really helped me focus on building my Virtual Assistance business getting it built from the ground up, with everything that is needed from deciding to be a sole trader through to social media marketing. The groups that Amanda has created have been invaluable on this journey, with such a positive vibe and wealth of knowledge, I found my self often engaging and asking questions, who Amanda was always one of the first to answer! Amanda really helped with advice from the get-go and continues to keep me on the straight and narrow, even when I had my doubts and change in focuses. I have often been told to put on my big girl pants and to JFDI! Amanda is amazing and the VACT mastery course is top-notch, I would recommend it and Amanda to anyone who is thinking of getting any training or mentoring to become a Virtual Assistant. Be Awesome! 

Jamie Tomkinson

Jamie Tomkinson Virtual Assistant

I couldn’t recommend Amanda and VACT highly enough. I’ve come from an administrative background and the idea of branching out into the virtual world was incredibly daunting and still is a little. Amanda provides a wealth of knowledge, resources via the Membership and Mastery courses, an ever growing network who answer every little question and support you the whole way through. I’ve just completed the Mastery Course and I couldn’t have done it without Amanda’s support and everything she’s put in place to make sure you succeed.

Sophie Potter

Joining the VA membership and doing the VA MASTERY COURSE was just the push I needed to start my business, this course helped me forge the core of my business, Amanda is amazing, always there to answer every question I had and helped with every single doubt I could have about starting my business, I learned so much on this course. I’m sure that I wouldn’t be able to become a Virtual assistant without it. 

Amanda K

If you are looking to start your own business as a Virtual Assistant, look no further than Amanda’s VACT courses.

The training materials and resources are comprehensive, high quality and she has thought of literally everything that a VA could need to set up their business. You also have the benefit of the community to ask questions or offer advice and support to other VAs.

Amanda is highly professional, organised and she genuinely cares about her clients. She will follow up with you if she doesn’t hear from you to check if you are OK and need any support but equally, she is straight-talking and direct and will call you out and challenge you where necessary 🙂 Exactly what you need from a coach!

I can highly recommend Amanda, you are 100% in the right hands with her. 

Karima Akil

VACT – where do I begin? I have put off writing this for a long time because there are no words that can ever describe how grateful I am to Amanda and the VACT team.

12 months ago, I did not know where to start. I didn’t have a business plan, any goals, contracts, insurance…. I just knew that I wanted to be a VA and work from home around my little one’s schedule.

Amanda has taught me how to plan, how to use and understand the different social media platforms, where to look for clients and how to make sure they are well looked after, what software might help and things that I should make sure I have in place legally. She has answered every stupid question that I came up with and has gently guided me to a different way of thinking when I was completely off track. She also told me to ‘JFDI’ when I was letting my lack of confidence slow me down.

The membership community is awesome (as is Amanda). It is hugely collaborative. I have learned so much from the other VA’s in the group and have made some great connections and even more importantly, some great friends (which in my view, is essential if you want to succeed). I have recently been shortlisted for ‘VA of the Year, North East Region’. In my first year in business. This is down to Amanda, her advice, and her unwavering support. I can honestly say that without Amanda and the VACT community, I would still be trying to get my head around everything that I need to do to be an amazing VA but because of their support, I am getting to live my dream. Every. Single. Day. Words can never fully express my gratitude, but I hope this gives you the idea. Thank you, Amanda.

Stefanie Davidson

Allied Business Support Services

I’m so glad I came across the VACT facebook group. Without that, I wouldn’t have done the VA mastery course, which has given me the foundations and confidence to break away from the corporate world and become a great VA.

Amanda is hugely passionate about the VA community and is genuine in supporting the industry, whether they’re a client or not.

Our 121 session was invaluable and came at a time when I was feeling lost, a quick pep talk reinvigorated me and the mojo was back.

Thank you Amanda, you’re amazing – you haven’t seen the last of me!!

Kurina Knowles

Agent Knowles

I contacted Amanda about a year ago to learn more about the VACT Mastery Course that I had read about and was very interested in.

Amanda was open and honest from the outset, I was drawn in by how passionate she was about working and supporting VAs, both new and established. After meeting with Amanda, I was confident the course and support she offered was exactly what I needed to start my own VA business.

The course content was fantastic, initially it made me really focus on what I wanted and why, then it took me through each and every step of setting up my business, from writing my business plan to having the confidence to attend my first face-to-face networking event.

Amanda was no nonsense, she knows life is busy but was there to give me a gentle nudge, or perhaps something a little stronger, when she felt I needed it, this was always done with the best intention and was exactly what I needed! I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Amanda Johnson and the VACT to anyone wishing to start their own business or looking for support in growing their business further.

Jo Squibb

Absolute Admin

“After reviewing different trainers, I signed up with Amanda to complete the VA Mastery course which I am very proud to confirm I have completed.  Upon reviewing the trainers, I decided to sign with Amanda, my decision was largely due to her no nonsense approach, wealth of knowledge and the fact she is extremely supportive of her trainees and their success in opening their own businesses.  Her support, passion and knowledge is outstanding and really helps you put items into perspective but also every now and again when it is needed Amanda will give you a kick up bum 😊     

The course is designed and set up for you to understand every aspect you will need to learn and think about as you set up.  The knowledge here is key.

Huge thanks to Amanda for your continued support and energy.”

Stacey Keen

Keen 2 Assist

Amanda is an awesome virtual assistant coach and mentor who was recommended to me by one of her clients. For anyone wishing to set up as a VA

I can thoroughly recommend her VA Courses which are well structured and very easy to follow. Having never set up a business before I was quite overwhelmed at the start of my VA journey, but Amanda has been there throughout the whole process providing support and advice making everything so much easier.

I can’t thank her enough for her support and would fully recommend her services to others without hesitation.

Jackie Fowler

Assistant 4 You

Since I started my VA journey twelve months ago, I have been part of Amanda’s group on Facebook. The amount of value she has provided me, personally, in my journey thus far has been incredible. Going from full-time employed to not knowing what to expect as a virtual assistant is a sobering experience. Thank you, Amanda, for the advice offered by way of your regular blog posts, your guest blogs and the motivation you provide to us all.

Stephanie Wium

Simply On Demand

I would recommended Amanda’s Kick Starts VA course is ideal for those who is thinking to start their VA business. Very informative and step by step guide you to the right track.

Jocelyn May


I was sitting on fence whether to become a Virtual Assistant (VA) or not. I had a call with Amanda Johnson from VACT to chat through questions and my fears. All were allayed.

I decided to purchase the VA Mastery course (with legal pack) and it has been one of my best investments. It is packed with step-by-step guides to move your thinking from being an employee to business owner. It will make you dig deeper within yourself that you ever imaged, you will feel frustrated, challenged, experience huge highs and a sense of achievement as you go. It is designed to push you to get the best out of you with a brilliant supportive Facebook group to bounce ideas off and regular webinars to join.

I have come away with set goals, a list of actions and tools to make a real successful VA business. I love that I can tap back into the materials at any point and there are options for continual growth.

Bev Davies

Collaborative VA

I have recently completed the VA Mastery course run by Amanda and would highly recommend anyone who is thinking about becoming a VA to complete this course. It is very comprehensive and once you have gone through all the various steps within the different modules, you feel a lot more confident and motivated to start your business. Amanda provides great support during and after the course and follows up any queries you may have very quickly.

Liz Keyzor

Working with Amanda on my journey to becoming a Virtual Assistant has provided me with a safe place to learn and grow. She is well informed and has a wonderful network of contacts who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise. Amanda coaches from a place of understanding and is professional to the core.  Thank you for your support Amanda, it has been a privilege working with you and I look forward to maintaining contact through your mentoring programme.

June Whiteman

Having just graduated from Amanda’s VA Mastery Course I can confidently say it was the best decision I made when setting up my business. Amanda’s no-nonsense, yet nurturing approach is perfect for those of us setting out who are new to the world of self-employment and unsure on how to go about running a business. Amanda has been instrumental in helping me move away from the ’employee’ mindset and I can already see a definite shift in how I think and approach my VA business. I can confidently say that that would not be the case had I not had the course, the Facebook group and all the associated support Amanda offers. And that’s before we even get to the practical tools included in the course! I would recommend Amanda to anyone thinking about becoming a VA – she’s amazing! 

Helen Leach

Helen Leach VA

I decided to sign up for the VA Mastery Course after a discovery call with Amanda. I liked her positive, no nonsense approach, which came across immediately. I have recently completed the course and feel confident that I how have the tools to launch my VA business. Although it took me some time, Amanda was there throughout, pushing me on and providing support and advice, as needed. She is an excellent coach who is generous with her time and knowledge. Her enthusiasm is infectious. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Luisa Keech

I decided on Amanda’s course after speaking with her. I found that I could identify with some of the values that she carries through the course which is being helpful and supportive. I also felt that I would be able to gain from her experience as I felt she had gone down a path similar to mine. She had a career change, took up a training course to be a VA and successfully set up her own VA business. So I felt she’s teaching from experience. I found her course to be comprehensive, it covered everything I need such as marketing, business processes. She also have a FB community group so I don’t feel alone in my journey but equipped and supportive. She covers the practical business stuff but also the mental and emotional bit that often comes upon you unexpectedly. Her course is definitely a worthy investment. 

Lilian Lee

I have been a member of Amanda’s VA group since I started my VA journey over 3 years ago. I booked on a 1:2:1 mentoring call with Amanda and it was an injection of positivity and fresh perspective, which I badly needed at the time. Her no nonsense approach gave me the tools to deal with the problems I had going on in my business. Amanda works ceaselessly to educate new and upcoming VA’s and also those that have been at it a while. She is very generous with the wealth of information she shares and she gives sound, honest advice. I feel in safe hands when I go to her with questions.

Amanda deserves the many industry plaudits she has achieved and I am very glad to be a part of her group and look forward to booking on her 1:2:1 Luminary Coaching and Mentoring in due course.

Fiona Grundy

I really enjoyed working with Amanda. She knows what she’s talking about and is kind but no nonsense!

The value of her membership is excellent, especially for the pricing, which she makes sure is accessible for all. Though it wasn’t for me, as I have decided to go in another direction, for any aspiring VA’s out there, I would recommend Amanda and her VA membership programme!

Donna Hogg

Amanda’s VA Mastery Course is fantastic! I honestly don’t know where I’d be in my VA career if it wasn’t for her invaluable support and the information provided in the course. Amanda has so much knowledge and always offers great advice. Since taking the VA Mastery course, I’ve managed come up with a niche, understand my ideal client, branding & my VA goals, which in turn has got me more clients. There’s so much the course has to offer. Thanks to Amanda I now know what I need to do to continue to build and grow. I would recommend Amanda’s course without a doubt. I’ve already recommended her to a couple of aspiring VA’s. Thank you so much Amanda.

Lisa Ferris

Amanda’s transformation from military to business owner and entrepreneur is an incredible one. What she doesn’t know about the VA world really isn’t worth knowing. You have to be from the same background to notice and recognise just how much she has achieved. I’ve been staggered at the sheer depth of knowledge she has achieved in such a short time, and at how brilliantly she delivers this. She utilises her previous background, skills and experiences to amazing effect. What’s most spectacular is how easy she makes it look. She constantly goes above and beyond with her trademark calm, consistent no-nonsense approach. She has quickly become THE go to person for all things VA. She is an amazing example to those of us venturing out into the civilian world.

Sarah Broadbent

Horizon VA

I completed the VA Mastery course with Amanda in 2018. From the very beginning, Amanda was very supportive and keen to answer any of my questions. The VA Mastery Course went through every single detail of building your VA business and I still refer back to it now! I honestly can’t thank Amanda enough for her support and guidance and would recommend her to anyone.

Megan Small

We Are Auxilia

Amanda Johnson is the epitomy of the word AWESOME. I’m currently following and learning from her and learning so much. Her videos are streamlined to clear key topics and you just know you’ve got gold. Thank you so much for being out there to find Amanda!

Helen Bawden

Hey Helen

Thank you! The course has been brilliant to provide a structured approach to life as a VA, target marketing (your perfect client can only be found in a number of places!) and sharing tips and advice along the way. Amanda Johnson is an amazing role model and a great trainer too!

Sarah Clewes

Amanda came onto my radar via a competition run by ExecutiveSecretary Magazine 18 months ago at a time when I was wondering how to move my business in the right direction. She has been and continues to be a fantastic business mentor and coach.

Jayne Allingham

Easily one of the best business decisions I have ever made was to book a discovery call with Amanda. By listening and asking the right questions, she helped me to identify where my focus needed to be in order to make my future VA business a success. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain – don’t delay book a discovery call today!
Rachael Cook

I have just graduated from the VA Mastery Course. Throughout the course, Amanda gave me valuable feedback, advice and support. The course modules are well structured and crammed packed with valuable information. The questions in the modules are full-on, which really got my brain into gear, and helped motivate me more and more to realise what I wanted for my part-time VA business. I needed the push to get my VA dream off the ground and it’s the best thing I could have done.

Kerry Barker

Grove Virtual Assistant

Amanda Johnson is a great business coach and mentor because she unearthed my “passion” and it wasn’t the work that I was doing at that time. Amanda also has some brilliant courses and I worked through a couple and found them to be well constructed and executed and I learned a lot, particular the social media course. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Amanda to anyone in business who is “lost” or just needs a “helping hand”.

Susan Dyson FCILEx, MSWW

I trained with VACT on the Mastery Course before setting up my business. I left the 2 days feeling inspired and excited to start the journey of building my business. Each module covered a different part of turning your PA skills to VA skills and at the end of the course I was left with my “business bible” that was constantly referred to throughout the first couple of years I was trading – I still check it now and again now! Amanda has continued to be a constant source or support and guidance throughout my journey in business and is to go-to person when I am stuck or need help. Her experience running her VA business means she can speak directly from the heart on all matters of running a successful VA business – from hiring to firing clients! I would recommend anyone at least signs up for Amanda’s freebie and joins her Facebook group – VA Help Desk, but if possible start a course – you won’t regret it! *Awesome Amanda*

Alex Platt

I have found Amanda’s wealth of experience invaluable. She has a very supportive manner and you truly feel that she genuinely wants to help you to get where you’d like to be in your business. Thank you Amanda.

Paula Edwards

Amanda Johnson and VACT have been an hugely valuable source of information and support during my first year in business. I would highly recommend getting in touch with her and getting involved in her community and joining in on her informative webinars and events. I have been inspired and challenged in this arena and I am now looking forward to where my business reaches in its 2nd year. Thanks Amanda – you are Awesome !

Alex Hughes

I simply cannot speak highly enough of Amanda and her VA Mastery Course. I was a PA of 18 years seeking to work for myself as a VA though I had no experience of setting up and running my own business. Amanda and her course gave me the confidence to move forward and the tools and knowledge to set up my business. The format of the course is very progressive and each module takes you along the route of setting up your business step by step and covers everything you need to know and consider along the way. Amanda has a fair, no nonsense approach as she genuinely cares and wants to bring out the best in everyone that she helps. I recommend Amanda and any of her courses to anyone who wants to set up their VA business.

Michelle Nicholson

After an initial discovery call with Amanda, I decided to sign up to her course to ensure I was in the best position to launch my new business. I really felt she listened to my personal situation and gave appropriate advice; I didn’t feel I was one of many where the same answers were churned our regardless of circumstances. I enjoyed the course from the outset. The flexibility of it meant I could work on the modules during the evening when the children were in bed. It helped me re-engage by brain cells and focus on what I wanted my business to look like as well as my skill base. The constant feedback on each module meant I could implement what I was learning immediately rather than wait until I’d finished the course. This actually meant it took me rather a long time to finish it as my business had started so well, I struggled to find the time to complete the last few modules! Amanda was a great support and still is! She always answers questions honestly and you benefit from her experiences. The learning is ongoing and I’m looking forward to working with her in the future when I’m ready for the next stage in my business. I would recommend it to anyone looking to start as a VA – it gives you the confidence you need to get off to a great start.

Jennie Moore

Amanda is amazing. I’ve been a VA for 15 years and she has been so supportive, since I met her almost 4 years ago. I wish I had met her when I started out, because I wouldn’t have made the mistakes we all make when first starting out.  Her coaching style is gentle but with bite, she will hold me accountable and is an expert at getting the absolute best out of you and for you.  She has done the job, knows it inside out, and is brilliant. I cannot recommend her enough.

Athena Mae

Amanda M attended a Goal Setting Webinar with me and this is how she described me after the call  “She actually seems up my street likes fluffy Woo Woo but with balls!
Amanda Michaelin

I have just started out on my VA Journey an are/have studied several of Amanda’s courses. On the occasions when I have needed and advice and support Amanda has been absolutely brilliant. Amanda is a good listener and has provided me with some excellent assistance and support, often suggesting a better route that I should follow or advising me of another piece of software I could use. I can recommend anyone who is considering to be a VA to contact Amanda – the courses and support are excellent. Thank you.

Philippa Pearson

In life, you’re sometimes lucky enough to get to know someone who is going to mean an awful lot to you AND the future of your business. Amanda is that someone, she’s my kind of people! Passionate, thought provoker, creative, practical, firestarter, she’s always there for you and has amazing tips and advice, personally and professionally. Amanda’s approach to VA training and coaching is clear and concise, along with showing you how to structure, market and run your own VA company. Having recently graduated, I couldn’t be happier with the journey we took together. Thanks again for everything Amanda, you’re a great coach and mentor.
Claudia Adams

I would recommend any VA to speak with Amanda. I booked into one of Amanda’s discovery calls having first met her at the VA show in London a few weeks ago. Amanda is extremely helpful, and shows a real interest in what you do. It is refreshing to bounce off ideas and gain Amanda’s valuable thoughts. Working alone as a freelancer means you need people like Amanda in your life who give you straight talking and effective advice, and speaking to Amanda who has gained a lot of industry experience and knowledge is an added bonus. Talking to Amanda for 30 minutes has re-focused my mind on which direction I’m going to take my VA business and focus on what I do best – recruitment. I truly hope to be in touch with Amanda again as my business grows further so I can benefit from her 1-2-1 mentoring.
Kimberley Miller

Amanda has a No Nonsense Style of mentoring which is firm when needed and relaxed when needed. Being at the helm of your own business is a lonely place and sometimes you lose clarity. Working with Amanda has helped me to go forward and to find clarity.
Stella Gooch

A consummate professional and a pleasure to work with. Right from the word go Amanda took the initiative to understand my business and my requirements – more than that… she took time to understand me and my values. I rely heavily on Amanda to keep track of my events and diary. She manages a never ending task list for me and helps bring things in on time. I’d continue heaping praise on her for her support skills, but can’t afford to lose her – to you. Maybe the next best thing would be your own VA from her VA training program.”
Steve Clarke

Who knew, when I discovered Amanda Johnson and the VACT just a few months ago, what a journey I was about to embark upon. I may have been a very experienced EA but I knew little about managing clients or marketing my own business as a VA. Training with Amanda has been inspirational. She motivates, is incredibly supportive and is tireless in her pursuit of students’ success! I am so glad I became part of this unique group. Huge thanks Amanda!
Tina Skilton

Wow, what a fabulous 2 days, as part of the VA Mastery Course, I have just had! Top tips, skills, setting of short and long term goals, meeting fabulous ladies all setting up their own Virtual Assistant businesses. The support from the trainer, Amanda Johnson is amazing. This course has been invaluable to realise what is involved in setting up a business and to guide me. For me, the CPD accreditation is a must, for any serious VA business. Thank you and looking forward to following everyone?s journey.
Clare Farthing

I’m in the early stages of my VA journey and study with the VACT but I thoroughly recommend joining. Amanda is there for me and all the members every step of the way. She prompts us without being pushy and motivates us when we flag. Amanda is incredibly supportive and she is tireless in her pursuit of our success! I am so glad I joined the VACT and became part of this unique group.

Tina Skilton

In 2 hours sitting with Amanda, I learnt more about LinkedIn than I have in the previous 2 years of struggling to come to grips with it. Amanda was well prepared, she was very knowledgeable and the information she shared was relevant and easy to understand. Thank you Amanda for all your help. 

Sarah McLellan

I have recently graduated from the VA Mastery Course and really do recommend this course to any VA. Amanda has been such a great mentor and given me such great advice and support from the initial set up of my business to help along the way. Thank you so much Amanda.

Kelly Parker

I’ve been fortunate enough to benefit from Amandas support, help and guidance in several ways. Not only did I finish the fantastic VACT Mastery Course under Amanda, with some great and constructive feedback from her along the way, but also through the Facebook groups she runs which are inclusive, friendly and incredibly helpful. Amanda has been kind enough to give me her time and the benefit of her experience and knowledge outside of both of those arenas as well, when I’ve had a worry or panic about something quoting or client related. And very significantly, as the first person I contacted when I was made redundant and was about to plough myself into my new business, she kept me grounded and gave crucial advice that stopped me running off on a path that wouldn’t have been right. Amanda gives of herself selflesslyand has helped open up the world of the VA industry to me in many ways, for which I’m incredibly grateful.

Amanda Cree

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain from a discovery call with Amanda. She helps you put everything into prospective so you can decide what’s right for you. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending having a discovery call.
Susanne Earl

I recently graduated from Amanda’s Kick Start Your VA Business after I decided to set up my own VA business, and I am so pleased I did! Having 20+ years of experience is one thing, but this well-structured course guided me through areas of setting up as a VA and forming my own business, to social media and how to handle clients. The course made me reflect, challenge and concentrate on areas I might not have considered, or might have overlooked, if I had started my business on my own. The webinars and opportunities to meet and communicate with other VAs inspired me. It is no surprise to those who know Amanda that she is an award winning business woman and VA training provider of the year. Even after graduating from the course Amanda is still in touch with advice and guidance as I transition, which I am so very grateful for. To anyone wanting to travel the VA journey your first step should be to make contact with Amanda. *Awesome*
Rachel Torretti

The best decision I have made in my Virtual Assistant business to date is engaging with Amanda through her VA Help Desk Programme. The support and training I have received have been 1st class. In the two months I have been a member of the Help Desk I have doubled my business and stopped worrying about every decision I make. Now I feel confident and able to take on new challenges which a few months ago seemed impossible. I’m looking forward to working more closely with Amanda in the future as my business grows. I would thoroughly recommend her services if you want to either get started as a VA or take your VA business to the next level.
Penny Redman

I’d like to thank Amanda for her invaluable advice and guidance on the world of a VA. Whilst it was not something that I decided to pursue at that time, if my circumstances changed again I would certainly consider a role as a VA. Amanda offers a number of training courses to guide you through and I would certainly consider taking one to get me started. Thanks again Amanda.
Penny Kift

I cannot thank Amanda and VACT enough for all the help, guidance, support and much more that I have received throughout my training. I honestly don’t think I could have launched my business without it. This training is absolutely exceptional, and when I am talking to potential new Clients they are always extremely interested and impressed when I tell them about the support we receive. I would urge anyone who is interested in becoming a VA to talk to Amanda, and to sign up now, you won’t regret it I promise.
Julia Roberts

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