Every business owner wants their business to grow and do well and VAs are no different. However, we can often inadvertently sabotage the very success we seek, by letting our fears and worries get in the way.

When it comes to those fears and worries, one of the top fears is actually a fear of that very same success we’re looking to achieve! It’s also one of the fears that is seldom talked about, as we don’t want to admit it to others – let alone ourselves. So how can you tell if you’re scared of achieving success and what can you do to overcome it?

How to tell you’re scared of success

There are some common symptoms we all show, when we’re afraid of the success we’re aiming for. Here are the most common ones:

#1: Procrastination

This can show up as lots of talk and no action, being super-busy doing non-essential tasks or working hard at the essential tasks but never completing them.

#2: Feeling inadequate

Often, this involves not being able to make a decision, second-guessing yourself and worrying what others think of you. You may also worry you’re not good enough, so make concerted efforts to have everything perfect, before you let it out into the world – and this can also be a good procrastination excuse too!

#3: Easily distracted

Working from home can give you an abundance of easy distractions, if you let it. There’s the housework, children, garden and shopping; but it’s not just non-work tasks that catch our attention. We can easily be distracted by work too – in the form of new projects, social media, filing and reorganisation.

How to overcome the fear of success

There are lots of different ways the fear of success can show up for you. Thankfully, there’s a few common steps you can take, to get past it and reach the success you want:

#1: Clarify what you want and what it looks like for you

Not just in terms of your business – but with you too. Write down the direction you want your business to take and how it will look. Who do you want to work with and why? What does it enable you to do? Why do you want it? Understand who you want to become and what that looks for you. What kind of person do you want to be, in terms of beliefs, values and ethics?

#2: Get focused on the positive

Practice the art of positivity on a daily basis. This isn’t just about writing down what you’re grateful for (although this is a great daily habit to initiate), it’s also about learning to let go of negative thoughts, as they appear in your head and distancing yourself from negative people.

#3: Make friends with change

Change is natural and inevitable – but it can also be scary and uncomfortable. Instead of fearing it, make friends with it. Remind yourself of how it feels for you, and where you feel it, before reiterating how natural it is. Start to link excitement with that feeling, as you can now acknowledge it as a sign of your growth and expansion to a new level.

#4: Carry your own spotlight

We’re often bought up not to sing our own praises – but we need to, in order to get our business noticed. Get comfortable with talking about what you do and what you charge, along with who you help and how that looks.

#5: Get support

Support is crucial, if you’re fearful of success. Having a support network around you, not only helps keep you in a positive frame of mind, it also helps you with your focus and accountability too.

Hiring a mentor gives you the ideal way to quickly move forward. Not only do you get regular support and accountability, you also get access to additional positivity and VA specific expertise! Check out our Awesome VA Mentoring, for further details.

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