Rob and Kennedy from the Email Marketing Heroes wrote this guest blog for VACT, talking about the surprising side effects of emailing more often.  Rob and Kennedy recently delivered training for the VA Training Academy® about emailing more often.  This is something I have found hard but it’s a work in progress… I will hand over to them talk about “surprising side effects of emailing more often.”

Most of us worry about emailing too often and annoying people, right?

And at the very least we’re concerned about being reported and ended up in the SPAM box.

My friends Rob and Kennedy have been emailing their subscribers every day (including Christmas Day) for a number of years and have made some really surprising discoveries:

  1. If you email with valuable content, not just sales offers, you can email as often as you want and people will reply to say how much they love your emails.
  2. Emailing more often means people cannot forget who you are, so are less likely to report you as a spammer. 
  3. When gmail, yahoo and all of the other systems see you email more often, and they see you’re giving value in your emails so people open, click and reply to your emails they have more data that shows them you’re a good emailer, and you shouldn’t be sent to SPAM.
  4. When your emails regularly contain both value that people enjoy and an offer, you make more sales and you make sales faster.

Since email marketing is widely known as the heist ROI activity businesses around the world do, it’s no wonder many of us want to master it.

The Email Readership Myth

Most people get between 20% and 60% of their emails opened. That means up to 80% of the people on your email list aren’t even seeing your emails.

No matter how big or small your email list is, 80% is a huge amount.

But the good news is that if you email again tomorrow, even if 20% of people open that email, chances are that some of those people will be different people to those who opened today’s.

So while your open rate may stay the same, or even drop, more people end up seeing your emails and that can only turn into more sales.

Email Is No Longer a Sales Channel

A growing majority of people open their emails on their phone, so we have to treat the content of our emails much more like the other apps on people’s phone and give content, value and enjoyment in our emails – not just sales messages.

Email is no longer a sales channel, in 2021, email is a content channel.

None of us would think about posting on social media less would we?

So what if we could show up more often in our subscribers in boxes with emails that they find useful, build a deeper relationship with you, that they tell other people  about?

Note from Amanda:

Would you like to learn how to email more frequently (it doesn’t have to be every day) – it might even be just start emailing!  I invested in this short video course at just $39 from Rob and Kennedy. It’s a framework that helps you to create a never ending supply of email messages and to stop worrying about sending them, and a method of creating content that adds value and has an offer within it.  This is why you are seeing me send more emails.

About Rob and Kennedy:

You might know them as hosts of the very entertaining podcast, The Email Marketing Show, or as the founders of the survey platform that makes you sales, ResponseSuite – Rob and Kennedy are fast becoming recognised as two of the most dynamic speakers in the world and for reshaping the way we think about email marketing…

Red-haired Rob is a comedy stage hypnotist, and platinum-haired Kennedy a psychological mind reader who have spent almost 18 years each relying on their skills of getting into other people’s heads to carve out successful careers in show-business.

Now as founders of, Rob and Kennedy’s mission is to save the world from that grubby old-fashioned email marketing we’ve all grown to loathe, and give others the tools to become the Email Marketing Heroes in their small businesses.

Wherever you happen to be in your relationship with email marketing, Rob and Kennedy are here to help you make more sales and grow your business by sending more emails that people love receiving.

Who’s Who?
Rob has Red hair. (Kennedy is the one with the white hair)

Where Are They From?
They are from Newcastle Upon Tyne in the North east of England

Do Rob and Kennedy Still Perform As Entertainers?
Yes, Rob still tours his comedy hypnosis show and Kennedy performs at corporate events and awards dinners.

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