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Did you miss our last webinar – all about how to start a Virtual Assistant Business.  Well  you are in luck – you can access a copy of the recording.

What You’ll Learn In This Webinar

This session does not teach you how to be a Virtual Assistant but it will give you an excellent insight into the role of a Virtual Assistant answering a lot of the questions you have about starting out on this path to self-employment. By the end of the session you will know if you want to be a VA or not…


Are you a PA who’s a mother and is struggling the juggle of work and life, are you perhaps someone soon to retire or being made redundant and now interested in becoming a Virtual Assistant (VA) and yet you are not quite ready to go ahead?

Have you conducted lots of research yet still not sure if becoming a VA is for you, perhaps you are a little scared of setting up your own VA business or are nervous about taking a leap of faith? Maybe, you don’t know what you don’t know…

Do you want someone who is an experienced expert to guide you towards what is essential for you to know, prior to getting started, so that you start on the right footing avoiding the costly mistakes many makes? Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

I have been you. Join me to learn the key strategies of what you need to know when becoming a Virtual Assistant.

I see you!  

Scouring the internet, downloading every freebie hoping for the magic solution.

Trust me, when I tell you – I have been you.  So let me introduce myself, I’m Amanda, and I am a Business Coach, Trainer and Mentor specialising in Virtual Assistants.

My mission is to help you to become the “Go-To” Virtual Assistant.  Whether you are a new and aspiring VA and wanting to make that leap from employed to self employed or you want to make sure you have set up your business for success, this webinar will cover what you need to know.

In this session we will give you an insight into the VA industry as a whole, we look at you and what you want to achieve, your skills and whether there is an ideal client for you, the practicalities of running a VA Business including legal, pricing and marketing.  All the things you need to be aware of to thrive as a Virtual Assistant.

Remember, I have been there, I have been you and now I want to help you succeed.



Watch the Replay of the latest “How to start your Virtual Assistant Business” Webinar

Join me to learn the key strategies of what you need to know when becoming a VA and learn if this industry is for you in this free 90 minutes webinar replay.