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Dreaming of escaping the rat race and becoming fully independent in your career?

Would you love to run your own business doing what you know best and have the piece of mind to know that it’s actually going to succeed?

Have you ever thought about becoming a Virtual Assistant?


Calling all Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants, Secretaries and Administrators of excellence who may be ready for the next stage of your life’s journey.

Are you an independently minded Executive PA or Secretary…

OPS▪   …who’s at risk of, or has recently experienced redundancy, who wisely wishes to harness all that knowledge and expertise you’ve gained and put it into good use for yourself and your family?

▪   …who’s ready to create your own destiny, designing your own independent lifestyle and career, based upon your own rules?

▪   …who’s looking for a considerably more convenient working solution post maternity leave, or who has young children or a growing family that you’d sincerely prefer to witness growing up alongside you, without the compromise of spending your days serving someone else?

▪  …who’s seeking a truly flexible option, which will enable you to maximise your own professional experiences for your own benefit, finally?

▪   …who’s soon to retire, however you’re not feeling like it’s truly your time to stop working, so you fancy doing something that will enable you to offer your great value to others whilst still keeping yourself active and engaged?

▪    …who’s bold enough to have previously set up as a Virtual Assistant but feel’s that it’s time for a profile boost and further training skills that will really give your business the edge?

▪   …who’s always fantasised of being her own boss!!!.

Whatever your situation, Carmen MacDougall’s training The VA Mastery Course will ease you into your very own home based Virtual Assistant business with the safest of transitions permitting you to achieve your desired dreams in a structured and measured format, always giving you full control over your destiny. 


A very warm welcome to you from Carmen MacDougall, the Founder of the CPD Accredited VA Mastery Course*

Celebrating eleven years of VA coaching, training and mentoring.

Carmen says: “I was frequently dreaming of escaping the daily grind, taking my life into my own hands and actually being the independent woman I’d always felt I was born to be and absolutely deserved to be.”

She continues: “My Husband was supportive enough, so long as he had a business plan from me that he could believe in, and that was when I realised just how powerful a Virtual Assistant Business could be for me, my clients and our family. It was a win-win business formula for everyone.”

Carmen concludes “I realised I could have my cake and eat it! I could run a business I knew and understood, PLUS I could spend more time at home with my young children and be much more present for my husband than ever before.”


So, if you know that you’re an accomplished and experienced PA, and you realise that there is a massive opportunity for you sitting there waiting as a Virtual Assistant, with your own home grown business, then it’s NOW time for you to put your smart business head on and come join the industry.

That is why Carmen has already attracted many hundreds of smart Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants, Secretaries and Administrators onto her internationally recognised and highly acclaimed, CPD accredited VIRTUAL ASSISTANT MASTERY COURSE * at The VA Coaching and Training Company, where your success is an absolute priority!


“From the research I’d done V.A.C.T. seemed like the best option. I wanted to learn within a group of people, rather than by distance learning plus the course ran over a weekend, which was really helpful. The training was very specific and helped plug the gaps in my knowledge about starting out as a VA.” 

Helen Jacobi, Outstanding VA of The Year, 2012, The Inspired PA

Read more about Helen in our Spotlight Feature 


“Carmen has an amazing in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the VA business which she enthusiastically passes on. Every call I’ve had with Carmen left me inspired, energized and focused. I feel very fortunate to have someone as knowledgeable as Carmen on my side and would whole-heartedly recommend anyone committed to the VA route to fast-track their journey by “standing on the shoulders of giants” and taking up the VA Mastery Course.”

Vee Smith, Finalist Outstanding VA 2012, My Super VA



“The VA Mastery Course covered every aspect relevant to achieving a successful VA business. I felt I had a complete business bible, which gave me confidence to embark on my new venture with the mind set of a business women.” 

Alexia Padgham, Winner of the National VA Awards 2007 at the National VA Conference, Your VA 



“The award winning VA Mastery Course is both inspiring and motivating. So invest in yourself and reap the rewards.”

Accredited provider 21014 - VACT

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* The CPD Accreditation is awarded to the Group VA Mastery Course only