What our clients say

You are absolutely amazing Amanda!

Your VACT VA Mastery course is incredible as it not only teaches us how to be the best virtual assistants/executive assistants/online business managers etc but it is full of extremely useful resources and takes us step-by-step through setting up our businesses, giving us information on the various options open to us.  I found it so rewarding building my business alongside my VACT coursework as we worked through the different modules.

After my cancer diagnosis last year, I so appreciate your module on Business Continuity and Disaster Planning and creating a solutions list. Everything in that module was put into practice by DAP VA Limited and has kept my business alive.

So I feel that just thanking you does not do justice for everything I’ve learnt from VACT and your ongoing support. I am so privileged and humbled to have taken up this course and to have met you! 

Debbie Potts

DAP VA Limited

Amanda has a wealth of knowledge to share and does so in a fantastic straight to the point way, leaving no doubt in your mind. Stop trying to take in all the conflicting noise and get to work with Amanda!
Hayley Grainger

Peak Lifestyle Management

I’ve been a VA before the ‘cloud’ was a thing starting my business in 2003.  Back then, never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined joining a VA Group and experience of other groups cemented that opinion. 
However Amanda’s group is different, totally different, it’s such a well run ship it makes rough waters feel like you’re sailing on a calm sea.
 Everyone is supportive, friendly and happy to share insights and experience. Amanda herself is exceptional and has the unique talent of listening, digesting  and being able to make you see things from sometimes a totally different perspective so you make completely informed decisions. 
It’s the only VA group you’ll find a seasoned professional like me in. 
Wendy Laverty

PA Cloud

I got in touch with Amanda last June when I was first thinking about setting-up my business, and I am so glad I did.

Right from the beginning she provided me with very honest, constructive and experienced advice in response to my questions. She never tells you what to do, but her extensive experience of being a VA and training VAs means that there’s barely a scenario that she hasn’t come across.

No question is a silly question, and Amanda has a vast array of articles, guides and training to help you with pretty much anything you need to know.

She’s also built a fantastic community and is brilliant at referring you to other VAs for their advice if she thinks they are more expert than her on that particular area. Thank you Amanda – you’ve been a lifesaver!

Jenny Lovell

Northern Star VA Ltd

I have just graduated from the VA Mastery Course. The course is incredibly thorough, and I feel like I am in such a better position as a Virtual Assistant having completed this course.

I found that no stone was left un-turned, whether it be regarding HMRC, websites, SOP’s, how to launch your business online, social media, associates, creating a business plan, newsletters, blogging, your ideal clients… EVERYTHING is covered. And the support from the other VA’s within the mentoring group & the VA membership has been worth it’s weight in gold.

I’m so pleased to have this knowledge under my belt now and I am ready to give the absolute best of me to all of my clients! Thank you, Amanda & VACT 🙂

Holly Pender-Smith

HPS Virtual Assistant

Joining the VA Membership was a massive turning point. I knew that I had the skills to do VA work, but what I lacked was the confidence to go it alone, launch my own business and be responsible for my own clients. I was frightened of getting it wrong, or not having the answers.

Amanda’s VA Membership provides a community of other supportive VA’s, who provide a hive of knowledge and support. Amanda herself puts so much content in the membership. Every area that I have a question about, there seems to be articles, training and support within the membership. If there isn’t something specific then a quick message to Amanda and she will point you in the right direction.

Investing in the VA membership was a big decision, but that investment has more than paid for itself in the first 6 months. The piece of mind in knowing that I have somewhere to go and a community, rather than going it alone, is invaluable.

Victoria Grant

Victoria Grant VA Services

Quite simply, without Amanda and VACT, my business wouldn’t be anywhere near as profitable as it is now.
Before I joined the membership, I wasn’t sure what legalities needed to be in place and what to charge. I was also looking at spending out on training to bump up the services I could offer, making VACT quite cost effective when I added in all the benefits.
With Amanda’s encouragement, after only a couple of months of joining, I was earning the same money, but working 1/4 of the hours, giving me back time to take on a better class and better paying clients.
The added warm fuzzy feeling of having a safety net of other VA’s from every stage along the VA journey to bounce idea’s around with has really made me a much more confident VA.
I view VACT as an essential part of my business.
Mandy Durrell

Tandem Virtual Resources

“I have been a part time VA since 2005, which I run alongside a seasonal business in tourism.  I had been a member of Amanda’s VACT Facebook group for some while and was always impressed by Amanda and the support, valuable advice and dedication she offered in that group. 

In May 2020 I signed up for her Luminary 1:2:1 course and am so pleased I took that decision.  I had never really had any support as a VA and to grow my business I felt I needed that.  Amanda has pushed me out of my comfort zone and opened up a new world.  Working with her has given me confidence and helped me with so many things including taking a backward step and looking at my values, my vision and my long term plan.  I had never really done any networking prior to meeting her.  It took me a while to pluck up the courage to network, but now I love it.  I would not have taken that step without Amanda. 

My business is now evolving and going in a different direction to what I had first envisaged which is really exciting.  I couldn’t have done this without Amanda’s encouragement and advice. 

The VA membership itself is incredible – full of valuable webinars, learning materials and information, as well as the lovely group of VAs who are so collaborative and supportive.  I just wish I had more time to embrace everything that the membership offers.  I can’t recommend the VA membership highly enough. 

Jackie Paul

Virtually Assist Limited

I have recently completed the fantastic VA Mastery course and the VA Membership came as a freebie. At the time I thought it was a nice bonus, but it wasn’t until I completed the course and started to participate in the group that I realised how valuable this membership is to me. I went from feeling a bit alone to instantly feeling as a part of great and supportive community.

There are lots of well-established VAs in the group who share their knowledge and associate job opportunities. And of course, lovely Amanda is always there to make things crystal clear! As a starting VA I don’t think I could be on this journey without such group.  

Barbora Edozie

Lemon Tree Solutions Limited

Amanda is an oracle! She literally can give advice on anything and always knows the right thing to say. 

She is great at creating superb connections between her members, the content in her membership is so valuable and always just as you need it and any training content she runs herself is packed full of value. 

The VA membership has led to new clients, partnerships, my own associates and expanded my business more than I imagined.  Connecting with other VA’s and being able to ask those niggling questions when you need a VA answer is priceless.  All expertly coordinated by Amanda. 

Ellen Williams

Ministry VA

I’d heard straight from the get-go that VACT was one of the most highly respected VA mentoring and training programmes out there.

If I was going to set up my own VA business, I was going to do it with the best. And I wasn’t disappointed.  I undertook the VA Mastery Course while working part time over an 8-month period.  The VA Mastery Course goes into great depth about running not only a VA business but what it means to run your own business in general. Don’t get me wrong, it was hard going at times, but coming out the other end and graduating with all the information I could possibly need was an incredible feeling!

Graduating the Mastery Course and moving to the Membership has proven invaluable too. There is so much information to fall back on to help guide me and improve my skill set.  As I learn more and grow my business, it’s comforting to know that I have the continued support from Amanda and fellow graduates if I have a question or need advice.

In a relatively short space of time, I have an associate role and 3 clients, and I have no doubt in my mind that doing the VA Mastery course and having Amanda as a no-nonsense mentor gave me the vital foundations and building blocks that has enabled me to get to where I am now. The continued support and information that Amanda shares, empowers me to grow and want the very best for my business. I am loving every minute!

Clair Abrey

Sterling Virtual Assistant

I have just completed the VACT Mastery course. The course was perfect as I transitioned from experiened employee to building my confidence and fundamental knowledge to become a successful VA business owner.

There is so much to learn on the journey, often having to dig deep within for the answers!

With access to course notes, monthly webinars, Q&A sessions, a supportive training group, and continual guidance and motivation from Amanda I thoroughly enjoyed compiling my Business Bible.

Amanda has a wealth of knowledge to share, she is a passionate VA coach and mentor. I would highly recommend this course to anyone taking their journey seriously to become a Virtual Assistant.

Thank you Amanda! I look forward to your continued support going forward.

Heather Maclaurin

Heather Mac VA

I was getting made redundant so thought I would make the bold decision of changing my future and becoming a Virtual Assistant.

I was recommended by someone to enrol on the VA Mastery course and I am delighted that I did.

The course is absolutely brilliant and enables you to gain all the skills required to become a VA business owner, whilst being supported by Amanda every step of the way and being part of a VA Membership group, so you never feel on your own.

Nothing is too much trouble for Amanda and her knowledge and experience is so extensive.

I highly recommend Amanda she is awesome and now someone I definitely consider as my friend/mentor for life.

Laura Taylor


There are A LOT of options out there when it comes to VA courses, coaches and mentors! But one name kept popping up as the best when I was looking….. Amanda and her Virtual Assistant Training Academy.

The course itself blew me away! It’s exceptionally detailed, you come away with far more knowledge than you could imagine – not only about being a VA, but also about running your own business… the highs, the lows, the pitfalls to avoid… you name it. Plus with the ongoing support of the outstanding Facebook group you’ll come away with a lovely network of fellow VA’s, some friends for life, and probably your first client or two!

I couldn’t recommend Amanda and her course/resources/support enough. And I love that even after completing the course (by the way, it’s no walk in the park, but the feeling once you’ve graduated is epic!), you can still enjoy access to the VA Membership so you still get a ton of support from Amanda and your fellow graduates!

Justine Pitt

Virtually Indispensible

I found Amanda (VACT) when I was searching for how I could learn more about the world of VAs and make the leap from employed life to running my own business. This is when I purchased the VA Mastery course to start on my VA journey. The course is AMAZING full of information you need to start your business.

After graduation I joined the membership and since then my knowledge has grown massively – this wouldn’t have happened had I not had the support of Amanda and the VACT Membership community.

There are monthly webinars that are invaluable and always available on catch up if you can’t make the live sessions, Q&A sessions to help you answer ANY queries you have about your business or client work, a supportive Facebook Group and always fantastic support and guidance form Amanda when needed.

I would 100% recommend the VACT membership to help you build and grow your business! The membership is a fundamental part of my business.


Rebecca Lindley

RVL Virtual Assistant

I met Amanda at the PA show in London. She advised me on the course to choose and I bought the Kick start my business modules. This package offers you the choice to do it at your own rythme. I haven’t finished yet all the modules but so far they are very easy to complete and helpful in how to start your own business as a VA. If you need help, Amanda is always happy to give you advice.

Annabelle Martin

Just One Clic


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