Case Studies

  • Case Study: Julia Ngapo’s Experience of Training with VACT

    My experience of VA Training with VACT I must admit, that I found Amanda by accident.  I had recently started a new job and hated it.  It was a long commute, the role didn’t excite me, and I found myself constantly thinking, “There must be more to life than this?”. I remember clearly being sat […]


  • Case Study: Emma Conway Hyde’s Experience of Training with VACT

    Case study graphic

    I have now been in business as a Virtual Assistant, running The Umbrella Tree, for the last four years.  Having decided I needed a new challenge in my life, after being an administrator and PA for more than 20 years, I set up The Umbrella Tree in May 2016.  I knew that I had all […]


  • Case Study: Sandra Storoni’s Experience of VA Training with VACT

    Case Study - Sandra Storoni

    Do you need to do VA Training with VACT? I am often asked whether someone needs to do a VA Training Course and why VACT over any of the other VA Training course providers. When asked this question, I like to reach out to the VACT family and ask them about the impact of the […]