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My one to one coaching and mentoring is perfect for you if you need an action plan, accountability, support and something that is game-changer in your business

Maybe you have a project that just never seems to get started or completed.

Perhaps, you finally want to start getting out there in a big way, consistently, with a plan so you can attract all the dream clients you can handle. Or that you are ready to scale your Virtual Assistant Business but have no idea on the best way to do it. Whatever it is, you’ll get it done in our one to one coaching and mentoring sessions.

Our calls are tailored to meet your needs and they will support you in achieving your goals.  We don’t have a cookie cutter approach to coaching, nor do we make you go through a generic programme, instead you get my 30+ years of leadership, management, life and business experiences. 


VA Coaching Power Hour

A VA Coaching Power Hour is designed for a short, sharp dose of practical support and advice, it does not replace long term one to one coaching and mentoring.

£180 +VAT

Power Hour replacement product<br />

 Who it’s for:  A Power Hour is the ideal opportunity to discuss your business and get any questions you have answered. Over 60 minutes we can discuss everything from starting out, to going from me to we, through to strategy, systems and processes that you need in place to build, grow and scale  your Virtual Assistant business.  

What’s included: You get 60 minutes dedicated support via Zoom (your session can be recorded.

The call is a one-off, and there is no obligation to continue working with me. However, if you decide to start regular business coaching and mentoring with me, the cost of this session will be credited against future investment (T&Cs apply). You therefore haven nothing to lose by booking this call and trying out how we work together.

If you would like a 30-minute catch-up call after your session to help you keep accountable, then this can be arranged at a cost of £50+VAT.

You will be surprised at how much we can cover in a session so be sure to have your questions ready for your call with Amanda.




If you are looking for someone that will be a great sounding board for your ideas and help you through your business challenges, at the same time as helping you to boost your confidence in yourself and the actions you have to take in business. This is for you.

Price is £167 +VAT per month

Who it’s for:  One to One is for Virtual Assistants who are looking for someone to help them do the following:  Brainstorm Brilliance, Bounce ideas off, To be accountable and to receive guidance.  Lots of my clients have used this to scale their VA business using the Associate model.

What’s included:  A 60 minutes individual coaching call each month. Weekly accountability check-ins with me to ensure that you achieve your goals. Unlimited email access to me. Access to the VA Membership Community including weekly group mentoring calls, weekly co-working sessions.  Access to the VA Membership Resources within the VA Training Academy. A private support group.  The value of this package is in excess of £3k over the initial 6 months.  Minimum commitment is 6 months and then clients can remain on a monthly basis.  I do not take everyone that applies for this so lets chat to see if we are a good fit for each other. 

  • Amanda was one of the first people I asked for support from when I started my business and she’s been there for me ever since. The 1:1 coaching I had from her ensured I understood my direction of travel and she helped me get rid of the noise in my head enabling me to prioritise the things that would really make a difference. Her Membership Group is full of valuable advice too and is my go-to place when I get stuck! I’ve also attended her GSDD events where we focus down on solving specific problems in our businesses. There’s something for every budget. Amanda’s no nonsense style is just what I need, and her support has been invaluable through my journey so far, I only wish I’d done it sooner!

    Joanne Manville – One to One Coaching
  • I was getting made redundant so thought I would make the bold decision of changing my future and becoming a Virtual Assistant. I was recommended by someone to enrol on the VA Mastery course and I am delighted that I did. The course is absolutely brilliant and enables you to gain all the skills required to become a VA business owner, whilst being supported by Amanda every step of the way and being part of a VA Membership group, so you never feel on your own. Nothing is too much trouble for Amanda and her knowledge and experience is so extensive. I highly recommend Amanda she is awesome and now someone I definitely consider as my friend/mentor for life.

    Laura Taylor – VA Mastery Course
  • Joining the VA Membership was a massive turning point. I knew that I had the skills to do VA work, but what I lacked was the confidence to go it alone, launch my own business and be responsible for my own clients. I was frightened of getting it wrong, or not having the answers.

    Amanda’s VA Membership provides a community of other supportive VA’s, who provide a hive of knowledge and support. Amanda herself puts so much content in the membership. Every area that I have a question about, there seems to be articles, training and support within the membership. If there isn’t something specific then a quick message to Amanda and she will point you in the right direction.

    Investing in the VA membership was a big decision, but that investment has more than paid for itself in the first 6 months. The piece of mind in knowing that I have somewhere to go and a community, rather than going it alone, is invaluable.

    Victoria Grant – VA Membership
  • Amanda is incredible so knowledgeable, her coaching is spot on, delivered with kindness and compassion and also with a clear action plan. I love how blunt she is, straight to the point. She really cares about everything she does.

    I so recommend her. 

    Laura Bolgiu – VA Membership
  • Just had my quarterly coaching session with Amanda Johnson and all I can say is wow! So motivated for 2024 because she helped me break down my targets for the next 3 months in my VA business. Just simple, clear tasks to focus on for the next 90 days. Sometimes you just need someone to help you get clear on things and that is what a great coach does.

    Zelica Jones – One to One Quarterly Coaching
  • Just come off a power hour with Amanda Johnson absolutely BUZZING with ideas and excited to plan out the next phase of my VA business! If you’re thinking about using her as a coach or joining her membership, STOP DITHERING and go book her now. A fab balance of coaching and mentoring, I’m so happy I invested. She’s amazing!​

    Katie Stone – Strategy Call
  • Headshot of Joanne Manville of Joanne Manville Virtual Assistance


1. Book Discovery Call

If you’re ready to start fast-tracking your VA Business with one to one coaching and understand the value of investing in your growth. I am excited to potentially help you grow your business, so book your call!

2. Let’s Chat

Coaching and Mentoring is a 2 way process, so we we will discuss the answers you’ve given while booking the call,  getting to know each other a bit more to decide if we’re the right fit to work together.

3. Working Together

If we decide to start working together, you’ll book your calls, you get access to all needed resources and also a few special bonuses to help you even more to fast-track your growth!