Month: May 2015

  • Cloud based CRM systems versus Rolodex

    Which is the best CRM tool for managing your clients

    The manual rolodex used to be one of the most basic but essential pieces of equipment for secretaries and Personal Assistants the world over. It was a potential goldmine of client contacts, valuable insights and information on every client and potential client that had ever made contact with the company. A rolodex was a pen […]


  • Why the Need for An Associate VA?

    Associate VA

    Have you ever asked yourself: “Why the Need for An Associate VA?” The reason for using associate VAs is actually a part of your contingency plan, so that you can offer seamless and consistent support to your clients, offer services which your clients need yet you don’t have the skills to carry out, and also […]


  • Creating boundaries with your clients

    Creating boundaries with clients

    If you want to earn the respect of your clients, you need to create some boundaries. Not only does this help give you down time, it also leverages your time and ensures your clients know what is expected of them. It’s surprising that so many businesses find this so difficult, considering how important and necessary […]


  • How to manage more than one client diary and avoid overwhelm

    Managing a complex diary with colour

    How to manage more than one client diary and avoid overwhelm in your VA Business Diary management and email handling are frequently the main tasks a busy entrepreneur will hire a Virtual Assistant to manage. Having more than one or two clients though, can make these staple tasks difficult to manage. This can cause a […]