Month: July 2016

  • What does your website say about you?


    Many business owners want a website that looks visually appealing and is attractive to their potential clients, and why not? After all, your website is your online business card, plus it portrays both the level of client you deal with and your overall professionalism – but does it actually say what it needs to say […]


  • Networking basics – how to get started


    Networking basics – how to get started & the benefits you can glean Networking is one of the fundamental and crucial elements of business success. It helps you meet, work and associate with likeminded businesses, helps create business opportunities, raises your profile and gives you a chance to improve your confidence and communication skills. If […]


  • Guest Blog: The Home Office – Make It Work For You

    This week we are lucky to have a guest blog from Lisa Dellow. A Virtual Presence. Oh the joys of working from home! There are so many, no daily commute, being at your desk within 20 minutes of falling out of bed (including the time it takes to whizz up some healthy sludge in the […]