• Where do I find networking groups for my VA Business?

    Networking is an essential part of growing your VA business. Not only does it give you an opportunity to find your ideal clients, but it’s also a chance to raise your profile with other VAs and make new business friends, to potentially build your team or to become a team member of another VA.


  • How to answer the question ‘What do you do?’

    How to answer the question ‘What do you do?’

    Getting out there and networking is important for your VA business. However, there’s one particular question that gets asked at all networking events, that will inevitably fill you with a sense of dread. And that question is – what do you do?  We may struggle to come up with a suitable answer, but it’s one […]


  • How to start a networking conversation when you’re nervous and new!

    How to start a networking conversation when you’re nervous and new!

    Going to a networking event can be incredibly overwhelming, when you’re nervous or new. Not only is there the initial worry and anticipation of what you’re walking into, when you go to an event, there’s also a panic over what to say, when you get there. That’s why you need a plan in place – […]


  • Has traditional networking died as a result of social media?

    If you’re thinking that social media means the death of traditional networking (or any offline marketing for that matter!), you would be wrong. According to the research mentioned in this article on Marketing Tech News, over 40% of UK small businesses aren’t even using social media for business purposes: Company formation experts Turnerlittle have analysed […]


  • Getting results from networking? [updated]

    Getting Results from Your Networking Blog from Amanda Johnson VACT

    Originally published by Carmen MacDougall in 2011 where she shared her thoughts on networking. Are you (still) feeling nervous about attending a networking event? Are you stuck what to say? Are you consistently leaving a networking meeting without the desired results? With more VAs setting up in business it is even more crucial you are […]