• Surround yourself with the right people

    the right people

    When it comes to relationships, it’s said that we’re the average of the five people we spend the most time with. This illustrates the importance of who we choose to spend our time with. However, when it comes to business, we tend to forget this important point – especially as a sole or small business […]


  • Persistence: the one predictor of success


    Persistence is the one predictor of business success. You can have all the passion and motivation you want, but without the strength and determination to take action; you have nothing. Whether you call it determination, perseverance or committed action, persistence is what will drive your business forward. It’s the choice you make (and make no […]


  • Benefits of writing your personal story as a blog

    share your story

    Your story is the thing that sets you apart from other VAs in the industry. It showcases who you are, what you can do, who you help and why you do it – it’s what makes you unique. However, we can often shy away from sharing our personal story with others, as we worry about […]


  • Networking basics – how to get started


    Networking basics – how to get started & the benefits you can glean Networking is one of the fundamental and crucial elements of business success. It helps you meet, work and associate with likeminded businesses, helps create business opportunities, raises your profile and gives you a chance to improve your confidence and communication skills. If […]


  • Benefits of an Editorial Calendar

    An editorial calendar is an essential part of your business if you want to gain control and manage your regular content production. The simple calendar layout gives you an at-a-glance view of your content creation and release dates etc. and, as it can be used for blogging, social media content, product launches and advertising. It’s a […]