FAQ Tag: VA Basics

  • How can VA coaching, mentoring and/or training help?

    VACT offers the unique dimension of professional VA training, mentoring and coaching that will motivate you, build your confidence and help you to create a mindset for success. We don’t just want you to work for a living, we want you to enjoy a better work/life balance and have the lifestyle you want. Our training […]


  • What is a VA?

    A VA is someone who provides a range of administration, secretarial, office, business or personal assistant services from their own premises using remote and online methods, such as email or online collaboration tools. There is telephone or Skype contact with clients and on the rare occasion on-site.


  • Why become a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

    By becoming a Virtual Assistant you can use your PA, secretarial or administrative skills to support the clients you choose, at hours to suit you and from your chosen location. The financial rewards will be all yours too! Flexible working hours; No rush hour commute; High earning potential; Opportunity to expand your skill set; and […]