Month: November 2015

  • The role your health and lifestyle plays in your productivity levels

    Anyone who has eaten a big lunch during a working day will know what you eat DOES affect your performance at work. You settle back at your desk feeling sluggish and sleepy, with a burning desire to just sit and let your lunch settle down and with your desire to be productive somewhere between low […]


  • How to schedule your tasks during the right time of day

    We all have a natural body clock, one that depicts whether we’re a morning or evening person and when our energy and attention is at optimum level. But, as small business owners, how many of us actually look to plan our working day around those levels? And how many of us try to make our […]


  • How to use time blocks to focus and be more productive

    Time is always something we wish we had more of, and this is especially relevant for small business owners. We have so many hats to wear in our work and home life we struggle to fit everything in. Often though, the problem ISN’T time limits and how MUCH time we have it’s how we’re USING […]