Time is always something we wish we had more of, and this is especially relevant for small business owners. We have so many hats to wear in our work and home life we struggle to fit everything in. Often though, the problem ISN’T time limits and how MUCH time we have it’s how we’re USING that time that causes us a problem.

time blocks

Time blocks are a great way to get more done in the time we have. In fact, they put an end to the madness of multi-tasking, can help you avoid procrastination, are great for those people who get easily distracted AND can increase your productivity by as much as 50%! Time blocks are perfect for those people who have a backlog of work or have limited time available, as they allow you to focus only on the tasks at hand.

So how can you get started with time blocks and use them most effectively? Use these seven tips to easily use time blocks in your daily work and see how you can both save time AND be more productive!

Tip #1: Write a list of your necessary and urgent tasks

You can then select the most important 3-5 tasks to work on. Estimate how long each task will take, but make sure you’re overestimating time needed for each, to avoid taking on too much at once.

Tip #2: Split your available time down into hourly or half hourly blocks

Even if you have a whole day spare, block out set chunks of time for different tasks.

Tip #3: Dedicate each block to a specific task but keep it vague.

Write Article is better than Write article on A, B and C and Work on website is better than Write my home page. Why? It allows you to still make choices and decisions based on how you feel or what you want to work on at that time. More importantly, it prevents you feeling as though you’ve failed, if you haven’t finished the task by the end of the time slot.

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Tip #4: Remember to block in time for reactive tasks and leisure too.

Reactive tasks include checking emails, replying to voice messages and social media notifications etc.

Tip #5: Turn off distractions!

Put your phone on silent, turn off email notifications (or close the program altogether), otherwise you’ll be jeopardising it before you get started!

Tip #6: Set reminders

Use reminders for new blocks and to remind you when you need to finish the current block of time.

Tip #7: Work to your body clock.

Schedule in the hardest tasks for when you’re most alert.

Finally, remember to take notes and regularly review your progress  to both ensure you’re working at the best times for you AND to keep a record of everything you have achieved in your available time.

Do you use time blocks in your business or is it something you’re just getting started with? How much more productive were you as a result of using them or do you have an even better way of being more productive in your available time? Why not share your experiences with us, by leaving a comment in the box below.

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