Business Basics

  • 6 Essential Habits for UK Virtual Assistant Success

    Cracking the Virtual Assistant (VA) landscape requires more than just administrative prowess. To truly stand out and build a thriving business, you need to cultivate certain habits that fuel your productivity, expertise, and client relationships.  In short, you need to be a Business Owner, first and foremost!

    Here are six essential habits tailored for VAs, along with actionable tips to put them into practice:


  • Your VA business : a recap on the basics

    Here are VACT Limited, we have trained and helped 1,000’s of VAs to each launch their own successful VA business over the past 16 or so years. Whether they come from a PA or secretarial background, are currently still working or have just been made redundant and want to start their own, work-from-home business, all new VAs have a host of questions they need answered – so I thought it would be a good opportunity to provide a recap on the most commonly asked questions and answers, in this week’s blog post.