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Cracking the Virtual Assistant (VA) landscape requires more than just administrative prowess. To truly stand out and build a thriving business, you need to cultivate certain habits that fuel your productivity, expertise, and client relationships.  In short, you need to be a Business Owner, first and foremost!

Here are six essential habits tailored for VAs, along with actionable tips to put them into practice:

1. Be a Knowledge Sponge:

  • Devour industry blogs & podcasts: Stay ahead of the curve by subscribing to UK-focused VA blogs like this one. Or listen to Podcasts like the Up Close and Virtual Podcast by Katie Tew.  Learn about the latest trends, tools, and client expectations.
  • Master niche skills: Specialise in particular skills, services or software.  Take online courses, attend webinars, and network with specialists to deepen your expertise.
  • Embrace continuous learning: Dedicate 30 minutes daily to reading industry publications, attending online workshops, or watching tutorials on new software. Remember, knowledge is power!

2. Become a Financial Ninja:

  • Track your income & expenses meticulously: Use accounting tools such as Xero to stay on top of your finances. Categorise expenses, set realistic budgets, and track your billable hours.  A lot of members of the VA Membership use our weekly co-working sessions to do their accounts – me included. 
  • Invest in your business: Allocate a portion of your income for professional development, marketing, and essential software subscriptions. Remember, investing in yourself is investing in your future success.
  • Get tax-savvy: Understand UK tax regulations for self-employed individuals. Consult with an accountant to ensure you’re compliant and optimise your tax deductions.
  • Send invoices on time! The number of VAs I talk to about having a cash flow problem but they don’t like send their invoices… really. Stop now – this has to be the priority on the last day of the month – every month!

3. Prioritise Sleep & Well-being:

  • Establish a consistent sleep schedule: Aim for 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night. Create a relaxing bedtime routine and stick to it, even on weekends. Do not check your work emails in bed! (Ok I am guilty as hell on this one but hey I am sharing best practice!)
  • Move your body: Schedule regular walks, gym sessions, or yoga classes. Physical activity boosts energy, improves focus, and reduces stress.  You could invest in a standing desk.
  • Nourish your mind & body: Eat healthy meals, stay hydrated, and take breaks throughout the day. A healthy lifestyle fuels your productivity and resilience.  

4. Focus on High-Value Tasks:

  • Time audit your week: Track how you spend your time. Identify tasks that drain your energy and offer little return on investment. Consider delegating or outsourcing them.  (Yes, even VAs can delegate and outsource stuff!)
  • Prioritise tasks based on client impact and revenue generation: Focus on tasks that directly contribute to client success and your bottom line. Learn when you are most productive in your work and schedule work to fit in with this.
  • Utilise automation tools: Leverage scheduling software, project management tools, and email templates to streamline your workflow and free up time for high-value activities.

5. Network Like a Pro:

  • Join UK-based VA communities & online forums: Connect with other VAs, share best practices, and learn from each other’s experiences. Facebook groups like the VA Help Desk and the Society of Virtual Assistants
  • Attend industry events & conferences: Network with potential clients, build relationships with other professionals, and stay updated on the latest industry trends.  So attend events, such as the UK VA Conference, NW VA Conference, NE VA Conference etc. 
  • Offer free consultations or workshops: Share your expertise and showcase your value to potential clients. This can lead to long-term partnerships and referrals.

6. Craft Your Ideal Morning Routine:

  • Wake up at a time that works for you: Forget the 5am alarm! Find a consistent wake-up time that allows you to feel refreshed and energised for the day ahead. Here at VACT Hq, that’s an 0645 alarm but I am mum for the first couple of hours of the morning!
  • Start with a positive activity: Do something that sets the tone for a successful day. This could be meditation, reading inspirational quotes, or spending time with loved ones.  
  • Review your goals & schedule: Take 10 minutes to visualise your day, prioritise your tasks, and set realistic goals for what you want to achieve.  (This one, I do when I sit at my desk having finished the school run!)
  • Fuel your body & mind: Enjoy a healthy breakfast and don’t forget to stay hydrated.


  • Start small and build momentum: Don’t try to change everything overnight. Integrate one new habit at a time and gradually build on your successes.
  • Track your progress: Use a habit tracker or journal to monitor your progress and celebrate your achievements. Seeing how far you’ve come will keep you motivated.  
  • Embrace flexibility: There will be days when your schedule goes off track. Be kind to yourself, adjust your plans, and get back on track the next day.

By cultivating these essential habits, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the UK VA landscape, build a thriving business, and achieve lasting success. So, put on your virtual assistant cape, embrace these habits, and watch your VA business soar!

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