Month: December 2016

  • Persistence: the one predictor of success


    Persistence is the one predictor of business success. You can have all the passion and motivation you want, but without the strength and determination to take action; you have nothing. Whether you call it determination, perseverance or committed action, persistence is what will drive your business forward. It’s the choice you make (and make no […]


  • Reconnect in with your motivation and passion

    motivation and passion

    If you want to succeed in business, you need to have two things – motivation and passion. They complement each other and yet, one without the other is also pointless. You need to know what your passion is, if you want to stay motivated to achieve something, and you also need to know what your […]


  • Intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation in business


    It’s easy to set goals for your business. You look for something you want to achieve or have, and then you do something to make it happen. Right? Well, no. We need to have two essential things in place, in order to give us the impetus to achieve – we need desire and motivation. Desire, […]


  • What’s your excuse for not starting your business?

    business excuses

    Making the decision to start your own business is a really easy one to make. We all have different reasons for making the decision, for deciding that you want to strike out on your own. Whether you’re after more control, less stress, more time with your family or less time working, those reasons are what […]