Making the decision to start your own business is a really easy one to make. We all have different reasons for making the decision, for deciding that you want to strike out on your own. Whether you’re after more control, less stress, more time with your family or less time working, those reasons are what will drive you forward.

The hard part is actually implementing your decision – and this is where the excuses creep in.

You look around at your current reality and it can seem a VERY long way from being your own boss. It can seem like too big a leap to take; to even see where you need to leap to – so you walk away from moving towards what you want.

But it’s not about seeing where you need to leap, in order to make a move. You need to have the faith to take that first step and know beforehand, what excuses will crop up for you.

If you’ve had the desire to start your own business, but are not currently taking steps to make it happen, here’s the most common excuses you need to be aware of.

Your thoughts

Making that decision can feel like a real turning point for you. It will send your mind into an endless stream of possibilities – and this is great! However, it most likely will also lead to thoughts of doubt too. What if I fail? What if I get no clients? What if I’m no good at it? These thoughts can quickly lead to a downward spiral of doom and gloom, if you let them.

So, notice those thoughts; write them down if it helps – but then remind yourself that you won’t know, if you don’t try. Don’t beat yourself up for having those thoughts, as you’ll just feel worse. Don’t focus too much on them, as you’ll end up going on a bigger downward spiral. Just acknowledge them and replace them with positive ones. What if you succeed? What if you get loads of clients? What if you’re brilliant at it?

The feeling of fear

This WILL come up for you at some stage. After that initial jubilation at making your decision, the fear will come. Again, it’s important to acknowledge the feeling, but ask yourself what you’re scared of? What thoughts are going through your head?

You can gain some great insights through the thoughts and feelings you have – so this is why you need to acknowledge them. Are you bringing to mind situations where you feel you previously failed? Are you remembering times you felt scared and backed away from doing what you wanted – and how did you feel as a result?

Remember, fear and excitement are the same feelings, just a different perception. So how can you change your viewpoint on your current fears?

Those pesky rules

Take a look at what expectations and rules are cropping up for you – as these can easily prevent you from starting your own business.

What are rules? Well, think of them as reasons you feel dictate why you’re not able to start your own business. I’m not qualified enough. I don’t have experience. I’m too old/young. There’s no security in self-employment etc.

Rules are usually beliefs and viewpoints we’ve accumulated over the years from what we see and what others voice. The best way to change them, is to question whether you WANT to believe them, then finding new beliefs to believe in – and finding evidence to back up those new beliefs.

Your confidence levels

It may surprise you that confidence isn’t the first on my list – but your thoughts, feelings and those pesky rules are what drive your levels of confidence. They help to shape your beliefs and the way you view yourself and your abilities.

Whether it’s your confidence, your thoughts, your fears or your rules that are currently being used as your excuse against starting your own business, the number one key to solving them is to become aware of them. You can then start to question where they’re coming from, as well as how they are being perceived as keeping you safe.

This isn’t always an easy thing to do for yourself. If you genuinely want to start your own business, but know your excuses are holding you back, I’d recommend you work with a coach or mentor to help clear them. You can then stop those excuses holding you back and start taking steps to make your desires your new reality!

If you’re looking for additional help starting your own VA business, why not check out the different ways we can help? Whether you’re after a mastery course or personal mentoring, we have something to help you make the leap – just check out our training page!

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