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  • Alternatives to goal setting

    goal setting VA

    It’s that time of year again. You know, where goal setting and resolutions are at the top of our agenda. However, it’s a sad fact that at least 99% of those New Year and January resolutions will fall by the wayside – by the end of this month! The traditional methods of goal setting also […]


  • Give yourself the gift of space over the festive period

    As we’re now midway through December, I think it’s safe to say, we’re officially into the festive period. For many, the children have broken up from school, it’s the opportunity to buy gifts for, and spend time with, loved ones. We want to show our love and appreciation for the people who are closest to us, by giving them the gifts they most want or need.


  • How VAs can benefit from hiring a ghost writer

    ghost writer

    Ghost writing isn’t just reserved for those people who want to get their book written. In fact, savvy business owners, including VAs, are reaping the rewards of having a ghost writer in their stable of outsourcing buddies. Here’s why it can be incredibly beneficial to both you and your business, to hire a ghost writer. […]


  • It’s OK to make a mistake

    It's OK to make a mistake

    One thing a lot of us have a fear about, is making a mistake. But it’s OK to make a mistake! We’re only human. At some stage we are going to slip up, neglect something or do something incorrectly or wrong. And you know want? At the time, it’s probably going to feel like a […]