As we’re now midway through December, I think it’s safe to say, we’re officially into the festive period. For many, the children have broken up from school,  it’s the opportunity to buy gifts for, and spend time with, loved ones. We want to show our love and appreciation for the people who are closest to us, by giving them the gifts they most want or need.

However, there’s often one person we tend to forget about during this gifting and appreciation period, and that’s ourselves.

I don’t think I am alone in this self neglect. 

So, during the festive period, it’s an ideal opportunity to show yourself some appreciation and gift yourself the one thing you most need – the gift of space.

It does us good to have the space to just be with ourselves and our thoughts.

To remind ourselves of what we’re aiming for and to reflect on how far we’ve come. However, we also need down time to catch our breath, before we ramp up the volume and effort again ready for 2022 – and the festive period is the perfect time to do that.

Make a commitment to find the time and space you need

Ask any small business owner what they most need, and the answer will undoubtedly be time and space.

We’re great at multitasking, making the most of our available time and pushing ourselves onwards, when we may want to rest.

But there’s a time for pushing and a time for resting.

The festive period is a great time to rest. So, honour that need, by committing to set aside the time and space you need, to just stop and be with yourself. Make it anything from a couple of hours to an entire day, but make it happen.

Time to re-charge your batteries

Running your own business can be time consuming and emotionally draining. Yes, the hard work you put in will pay off in the end, but if you want to maintain optimum performance, you need to give yourself time to rest. Take time out during the festive period, to switch off from business and give your batteries time to recharge.

Space to reflect and look back during the festive period

This isn’t about beating yourself up about what you haven’t done or getting sad about what you did wrong – it’s about acknowledging how far you’ve come. Write down your achievements and those things you’re most proud of and be proud of them! 

Opportunity to dream your future

Having space to yourself allows you to let your mind wander, and to dream about what you want. What future are you hoping to achieve and how will that look, for you? This isn’t about making plans and sitting down with a notebook to jot down every goal you want to achieve – it’s about dreaming freely and seeing where it goes, without the restraints of knowing how or what you need to do, to make it happen.

During this festive period, it’s an ideal opportunity to show everyone around you, how much you appreciate and love them – yourself included.

By gifting yourself the space to have a timeout, recharge your batteries and dream freely, you’re giving yourself and your business the boost it needs, to start afresh in the New Year and to make the new year an awesome one.  For those of you who are members are the VA Membership, the meditation and visualisation in the Mental Health and Wellbeing module could be a great thing to set aside time and listen to. 

What plans do you have, to give yourself space and a timeout, during the festive period?

Are you looking to give yourself plenty of sleep or does spending time with your family and friends recharge your batteries?

Why not share your plans with us, by leaving them in the comments box below! 

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