Journaling for success

  • Give yourself the gift of space over the festive period

    As we’re now midway through December, I think it’s safe to say, we’re officially into the festive period. For many, the children have broken up from school, it’s the opportunity to buy gifts for, and spend time with, loved ones. We want to show our love and appreciation for the people who are closest to us, by giving them the gifts they most want or need.


  • Switch off with a digital detox – updated for 2021

    Switch off with a digital detox – social media addiction is a real worry for many, regardless of age or job status.
    The average person checks their phone 200 times a day, whilst an astonishing 73% of Brits admit – they can’t last a day without checking their phone or computer. (In the 60 minutes I lost mine I think I thought of my phone every 30 seconds!)
    With technology making everything so instant and accessible, we can find ourselves living our lives constantly switched on, plugged in and generally on the go.


  • Journaling for business clarity and direction

    journaling for business reflection

    Journaling for business clarity and direction is all about reflecting on your business, previously I gave you a couple of ways to carry out this essential business strategy, including journaling (if you haven’t seen that blog, you can find it here). However, journaling is more than an end of year strategy though – it’s a […]


  • Reflection – an essential part of your business strategy

    reflection - an essential part of business strategy

    The end of a year always has us feeling conflicted. Upon reflection, for many it may be a welcome sight, especially if it’s been a difficult year. For others, it’s a chance to celebrate achievements and ramp up activity and clarity on goals, before the new year commences. No matter how you view the year […]


  • Guest Blog with Emma James

    Why is it important to get to know yourself again? Guest Blog with Emma James of Em-powering Change This week, I feel very privileged to share a Guest Blog from Emma James of Em-powering Change – Emma and I served in the Royal Navy together, although we left the Service at different times, we have always kept in […]