Journaling for business clarity and direction is all about reflecting on your business, previously I gave you a couple of ways to carry out this essential business strategy, including journaling (if you haven’t seen that blog, you can find it here).

However, journaling is more than an end of year strategy though – it’s a great one to help you gain clarity and direction throughout your business journey. So, how exactly can you effectively use journaling for your business growth?

Journaling to boost your performance and impact on your success

You need to reflect on your past performance, to see what is and isn’t working for you. Once you have journaled about your thoughts and performance around specific tasks and projects, you’ll have a clearer picture over how those results are impacting on your success and whether you need to increase or decrease those actions.

Advice given and those people you consider to be mentors

Another thing you can journal about is the positive and helpful advice you’ve been given and who gave you that advice. We all have people we look up to in business and it’s often through following these people online, that we grasp little nuggets of great advice. This can often springboard to new ideas, new thoughts and different ways of doing things. Writing these things down helps to cement in that new advice, as well as serving as a reminder of who said what!

Lessons learnt

Running your own business has a huge learning curve, one that we’re continually travelling along. New learnings inevitably bring with them new lessons learnt, as well as highlighting those things we may do wrong. Your journal can serve as a reminder of everything you’re learning and illustrate beautifully, how far you’ve already come.

Writing through your blocks

Sometimes, we cannot see the wood for the trees. We get blocked and know a solution lies just outside our reach. Journaling our thoughts and letting our mind wander onto the paper is a great way to work through those blocks.

Clearing your mindset

Writing through your blocks is great for clarifying solutions, but sometimes, our biggest block is ourselves. Writing how you’re feeling about yourself, your business and your abilities often serves to highlight where our limiting beliefs and blocks are – giving us the ability to clear our mindset and create new, more empowering ones to move us forward.

Journal your future vision

Dream big. It’s the motto for many business owners and journaling gives you the perfect opportunity to do just that! Write down where you see yourself in the next 5, 10 or 15 years. Write how you view an average normal day in your future and capture who you see yourself being, in your future vision.

Compliments and achievements

Finally, make a note of your achievements and compliments in your journal. We all go through periods of feeling like we’re failing or not heading anywhere fast. Having a record of what you have achieved will come in handy, as will noting down those compliments you’ve received, when you need to boost your confidence.

Journaling for your business is more than just recording events and dates in a diary. It’s about recording your thoughts, feelings, ideas etc, to help you get clearer and more focused on the direction you want to go – and ensuring you and your business are headed towards the levels of success you know you can achieve.

Do you currently journal for your business success? Maybe you haven’t yet tried it, but the above tips have whet your appetite? Why not share your thoughts on today’s topic, in the comments box below! Do you have a particular approach or technique to help you – I am always open to new ideas and ways of doing this, so please do share your approach.  

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