Trade shows can really help your business grow. Not only do they give you an opportunity to mingle with the right people, they’re a prime space to learn about the latest industry news and trends that will help your business grow, whilst also raising the profile of your own business. Here’s why you need to visit more trade shows in your industry.

Stay on top of industry trends

New developments in your industry. What’s up and coming that you should be aware of and what’s no longer being used. As with any industry, there will be those things that are no longer relevant, as well as better ways of doing things – trade shows will help you stay in the loop.

Your personal development

Trade shows give you a prime opportunity to develop yourself, as well as your business. Many include educational seminars and talks, enabling you to learn new methods of implementation, as well as an insight into what you may want to learn next.

But it’s also important to remember, trade shows aren’t just about business – you need to enjoy them too. Make sure you go out and have fun! Enjoy your time there. Have fun looking around and interacting with others. Not only will this keep your energy up, it’ll also help you feel eager to implement what you’ve learnt.

The people you meet a trade shows

There’s a wealth of different people you can meet at trade shows – all of whom will play a big part in your business. Firstly, you have the influencers. The people you admire in your industry will, no doubt, be at a trade show. You have the chance to learn from them and see what influences and helps them. Meeting them at a trade show gives you the chance to introduce yourself, have a one-to-one chat with them and start building a connection with them.

Secondly, you’ll have others in similar professions as you. These people can become awesome contacts to nurture, as they’re possibly future Associates, mentors and friends. You can learn a lot from others in your industry – you don’t have to see them as competition!

Finally, you have the complementary business owners. Another awesome opportunity for you to further build support and growth for your business. Any business that can benefit your ideal clients is a good business to know and interact with, as it enables you to build strategic connections and offer additional services to your clients.

Trade shows help you build a social presence

It isn’t just at the trade show where you will benefit from attendance. Frequently, trade shows have an online group or event set up, so you can interact with other attendees prior to the show itself. This can help you increase your connections, posts and interactions online, as you follow the tweets or hashtags and posts about your attendance. After the event, you’ll also have the opportunity to add people you’ve met to your social media platforms and further build on the relationship with them.

Attending a trade show can really boost you and your business, but only if you set out to enjoy the experience. Not only do they give you a chance to learn key news and events for your industry, you also have the chance to meet different people and make new contacts – so what business trade shows will you be adding to your business ‘to-do’ list?

I would love to know your thoughts on attending Trade Shows either as a Visitor or as an Exhibitor – both are great marketing opportunities.  We cover this topic in a training as part of the VA Membership, helping Virtual Assistants to get in front of their clients