Spring is the perfect time to clear the decks and have a spring clean. There’s something motivating about the days getting lighter, the weather warming up and seeing growth and potential all around us.

If you’re getting the urge to have a good clear out, here’s twelve different areas you can focus on, to help you clear the decks and increase your productivity and creativity.

#1: Business systems and processes

We tend to set up our business systems and processes – and then forget about them. But they do need an overhaul occasionally, so look at your sales funnels and autoresponder sequences, to see where they can be tidied up or streamlined.

#2: Email list

Your mailing list is an important asset to your business. Many programs are restricted by email numbers, so it pays to give this an overhaul. Go through and delete those email addresses that are bouncing. Place those email contacts that have no interaction with you on a separate re-engagement sequence. Look to update your opt-in boxes and delete old sequences.

#3: Email inbox

Go through and unsubscribe from those lists you’re not interested in or don’t read. Whilst you’re in there, clear out the number of emails in your inbox and clear out the various email folders you’ve created.

#4: Website

Give your website a health check. Check out your analytics and look to boost those pages and posts that get the most interaction. Look to update your website images, sales pages and testimonials. Whilst you’re there, update your About page and opt-in boxes too. Finally, delete those old redundant sales pages and old programs too!

#5: Marketing and social media strategies

Take some time out to go over your marketing and social media strategies. You want to update where your ideal clients are hanging out and how you’re going to interact with them. You’ll also want to clarify what you post and when, along with what programs and courses etc., you’re going to want to promote (and how!).

#6: Social media

Go through your social media accounts and give them a clear out. Remove yourself from those groups you don’t interact with, tidy up your profiles so they all have a consistent image, update your header images and profile photo, and check your contact and bio information is up to date.

#7: Clear out your computer

Our computers can easily get bogged down with old files and unused free downloads we have accumulated (and have never used), so clear them out! Look to delete duplicate files and old backups. Whilst you’re there, tidy up your photograph files and delete your old backups.

#8: Tidy out your office space

Our office can quickly accumulate junk, so go through those drawers and cupboards, throw away your old stationery and used notebooks, and archive your old files. Whilst you’re working on your office paperwork, take a look at your subscriptions and memberships, and cancel those you no longer use.

#9: Update your business plan

It pays to get into the habit of updating your business plan on a quarterly basis. This helps to keep you focused and on track. Look at where you’re headed, what you want and when you want to achieve it by.

#10: Have a client clear out!

We all have clients that drain our time and energy – now is a good time to implement an exit strategy to get rid of them and make room for new ideal clients.

#11: Spring clean your mindset

Spend some time clearing out those thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that are holding you back. Implement an action plan to work on each in turn and, if needed, look to invest in a coach or mentor to help you with this process.

#12: Spring clean your life

Finally, look at your everyday environment. What can you declutter and clear out, to help clear your space and energy? What things do you no longer use? Think everything, from clothes and shoes, through to your bathroom cabinet!

Having a good spring clean and clear out will help improve your motivation and mood, as well as improving the energy and space around you. This enables you to increase your productivity and creativity. Why not get started, by creating a plan now, to systematically go through and clear the different areas in your personal and business life and environment?

Image courtesy of darunechka/stock.adobe.com