Have you been looking for new ways to attract more visitors to your website? As we have mentioned in the previous posts, a blog is a great way to achieve this. Yet you may still be wondering how will you keep generating great content for your blog as well as delivering high quality service with your clients.

Planning your blog posts is a great way to get ahead. Thinking about the types of articles you want to use is important too. Here are some suggestions on the type of articles you may want to include on your blog to drive more traffic to your VA website.

  • Top Lists

A great way to boost traffic as you are expressing your own opinion which other people may or may not agree with. These types of posts are simple to create, just take 10+ resources that you use to help run your business and think will help your prospective clients and rank them in the order which you think they are best. It is a great way of making your website look like it is an authority on this area and will give readers more confidence in what you have to say.

  • 10 Tips/Reasons

As with the above type of post, these posts give your reader concise, clear and easy to read information which they can understand. Visitors very rarely read the whole post so this is a great way to get across information by bullet pointing the information and with either a photo or short explanation, giving them more to reinforce the point.

  • …. Steps To Basics

These types of posts are great to show clients (prospective and existing) how you carry out your tasks such as what software you use or how you set up a business page on a social media site. By running them through what you do and how you do it is a great way to showcase how effective your business is and how it can help solve any problems they are looking to remedy.

  • Author’s Insight

Similar to the previous posts, these types of post take the reader behind the scenes of your business and explain how you work. This will give your reader a greater understanding of you and your business and again how your VA services can help them run their businesses effectively.

Give them a go and see which work for your virtual assistant business.  Be sure to come back and let us know in the comments box.