Your blog’s headline is the first thing your reader will see, regardless of whether it is on your blog, through social media or email newsletter. So it is important to get this right and make your reader want to find out more about what your post is telling them.

I must admit I did used to find writing the headline one of the hardest parts of writing posts but the more you do it the easier it does get. Here are some great ideas on how to write attention grabbing headlines to draw your readers in.

Why headline’s are great for explaining something on your blog and is an open loop headline, meaning you are asking a question that the reader will want to find out the answer to, they will do that by reading further into the post. These are great for your VA business as you can use ?a question you no doubt get frequently asked and give your expert answer.

How headline’s will make your reader believe they are going to learn something new by reading this type of post. Great again for showcasing your expertise on a certain aspect of your VA business.

List headline’s are always very popular posts as they are easy to read, usually bullet pointing the main content and if used with powerful words such as “…killer ideas” will draw your reader in. Another great list idea is a step by step guide, readers love these types of posts.

Context phrase headline. These are the headlines where you place the name or the statement in front of the headline.  The reader will be intrigued to find out what the post is about and will read on further.

All of these headline types will attract new readers to your blogs but you do need to mix them up and not use the same type of titles constantly else your readers may get bored of the same type of posts. Give them a try and see which ones bring in the most traffic to your blog.