Do you struggle to keep finding good quality content for your blog? Are you ok at the beginning of the month but get a few weeks in and you find the ideas dry up and it is an effort to write anything?

Well there is a simple way to generate at least 40 blog post in about 5 minutes!

Grab a sheet of paper, ideally no smaller than A4 but the bigger the better. In the centre of the page write BLOG. Then have four arms coming of it pointing towards the corners of the page but leaving enough room above to write at least 10 lines.

So in the top left corner you need to write the title ME, top right corner KNOWLEDGE, bottom left CLIENTS and bottom right FAQ.

You now have the basis of how to generate your post. What to write under these titles?

ME, this is where you write about you and how you started your VA business. A great way to let your customers know how and why you started your business, who works for you and how you work. You don’t just have to write posts, video’s are also a great way to show people who you are and what you can do for them.

KNOWLEDGE, this is where you let your audience know about how and where you got your knowledge. It is also a great way of showcasing your expertise. Talk about trends, great apps you use, ideas etc and how you can help other businesses through using a VA.

CLIENT, feature a client of the week, ask for guest posts and talk about specific problems you have solved for your clients.

FAQ, feature one a week as most businesses have lots of questions they get asked and being able to direct someone to the answer will save you a lot of time.

So for each heading try to write at least 10 ideas and in turn this will give you 40 blog posts ideas to keep you going!