Here are three key tips to help make your blog successful:

1. Share your expertise. Use your blog is a place to show how you and your business can solve a problem your prospective clients. Use case studies of people who your business has helped and write answers to the FAQ you are constantly getting asked. Use titles such as ?how do I…? as these are?the types of phrases that prospective clients will be searching for on Google. Through sharing your best advice, people will begin to trust you and respect what you have to say and offer.

2. Accept all the help you can get with your blog. Get your customers involved and give them the chance to share their views on your site. If you are struggling to keep on top of your blogging, as it will only help increase your businesses reach if it is regularly updated, then why not outsource this job. Alternatively advertise that you accept guest posts and let other people, either VA’s or other services that appeal to your niche, write posts that your readers will find informative.

3. You need to have a way to capture people?s email addresses, and also have incentives to get them to share. Links within blog posts to your services and other?relevant?posts are great but you will also need an email list if you want to really maximise the benefits of having lots of people reading your blog. You need an incentive, such as a free report or eVoucher as a reason for people to sign up. Once they are on your email list you can share further great resources with them, and then every three or four emails make them an un-missable offer which they have to act fast to take advantage of.

I am sure you have seen other businesses blogging to bring in new clients and wondered if could do the same for your VA business…  So, its worth remembering, that blogging is a great way to find people who are interested in your services, helps you to build relationships and eventually new clients, but you need to know how to do it. Simply writing blog posts that just promote you and your business won’t work … so let’s try these 3 tips.