How to choose a VA training company to guide you through the process of creating a VA business

If you’ve recently made the decision to become a VA, it’s understandable your next step will be to try and choose a VA training company and look for some VA training. After all, you want to ensure you have the most up-to-date skills and knowledge behind you, right? The trouble is, there is quite a selection of training providers out there. So how do you choose the best one for you?

If you’re looking to find the right VA training company for you, you need to go into the search with your practical head on.

We’ve already covered the basic elements of choosing the right VA training company for you, in one of our previous blogs ( However, this is such a crucial decision for you, we wanted to ensure we covered it in more detail. So, let’s get into the important aspects of choosing a VA training company.

The financial considerations of choosing a VA training company

Our first piece of advice is to to ensure your choice of VA training company isn’t purely dictated by your current finances. When it comes to your career, you need to be making smart decisions that are well thought out and based on practical advice – not impulsive ones based on your current fears, worries and skills. There’s also a good chance that, if you’re already looking for a new career, you may want to change or improve your financial state in some way. If your current financial situation is one of your overriding driving factors to change your career, know that your financial radar is already up and sensitive!

I’m not saying price shouldn’t be a consideration – I know we all have budgets and varying levels of available savings etc – but it shouldn’t be your top riding decision maker. My only stipulation is please, do not get into a level of debt that is going to bury you in stress and overwhelm. Have a flexible, realistic budget that suits you, and be prepared to get a little uncomfortable if you have to stretch that budget slightly.

A good VA training company will be able to offer payment options, designed to suit the different budgets people will have. They will also have a range of products and trainings on offer, from free to high level, to ensure everyone has access to training, if they need it.

Location – an important practical element to consider, when choosing a VA training company

No matter what you’re looking to train in, most companies now offer online and offline versions – and a VA training company will be no different. However, the location of the company still needs to be an important consideration.

If you’re UK based for example, it’s best to opt for a training company that is in the UK. So why would you do this, rather than opting for a VA training company that’s based in another country? Here at the VACT for example, our Enhanced DIY VA Mastery course has legal templates included in it. They’re written by a UK legal expert – so they’re suited only for VAs in the UK (although with some slight variances can be used across Europe)! We understand that the majority of what’s taught in our course is relevant to VAs around the world, but we offer those not based in the UK a 60 minute strategy call instead of these templates if they would rather.

Location also plays an important part in your decision, if the training includes elements that need to be completed in-person – such as training days and workshops. At VACT, our monthly strategy and Q&A calls can are made online, but you would need to know the timezone of those calls, before you made a decision. If you didn’t, you may find yourself missing out on a large chunk of the support elements available to you and, even worse, crucial training modules.

Distance learning does open up opportunities to get access to training that may not be available where you’re located. It often enables you to start anytime and have flexibility over when you study. Just make sure you’re aware of how that training is provided, and if any of it is location dependant.

We have found this method works perfectly for military spouses who are often in different parts of the world supporting the serving member of the family.

What’s included in the VA training?

This brings me onto what’s included in the VA training. Running a business isn’t just about doing the training and then you have all you need to get going. You also want to have support and access to advice, to help you and your business grow. A VA training company that gives you the basics of becoming a VA is good – but it would be even better, to train with a company that also gives you ongoing training and support.

Here at VACT we offer free workshops & webinars, and a support community for VAs. We also have a subscription-based help-desk for established VAs, to ensure you have the answers you need, when you need them.

Transparency over what the course covers is a crucial aspect VA training companies need to provide. If you want to make the right decision for you, you need all of that facts – and that includes what is and isn’t included in the ticket price!  We are always happy to go through what you get on our courses to show the level of information. Recent feedback from one of our clients was “Wow, look at all of these additional resources you provide” when they saw the templates, ebooks and additional resources section of their course. 

Is the trainer full of talk – or do they also do the walk?

VA training needs to be delivered by someone who is both a good trainer AND is (or has been) a good VA in their own right. You want someone who has been there and done that, who knows the ropes. I strongly believe it’s important for any VA trainer to continue working on their own development. That’s why I invest in my own CPD, so I can continue offering an award winning course to all the students I train. And I believe this is in part, why I was voted Best VA Training Provider for the past 2 years, and am also identified as being a VA Hero due to my honest approach.  

Industry knowledge is something a VA training company needs, if they’re going to make you an awesome VA. Experiencing life as a VA myself, and now being a trainer of VAs, it has given me a wealth of experience that I can pass onto my students. Theory is one thing, but you can’t train a VA how to run a successful business – if you’ve never put that theory into practice yourself!  (It’s worth remembering for a number of years, I ran both businesses side by side but eventually the need for sleep caught up on me…) 

If you are considering one of my courses and want to know more about me – then you need to read my About page. 

What is it you need?

Choosing the best VA training company for you, ultimately comes down to knowing what it is you need, to become an awesome Virtual Assistant. Throughout your VA training and business growth generally, focus is key (you can explore this more, in our recent blog post: How to become a Virtual Assistant – it’s easier if you focus!). Learning how to become a VA and run a successful VA business is a given – and that’s something a good VA training company will provide you with,

However, you also need to decide if you need a trainer, coach, mentor, or a combination of the three? (If you’re not sure of the differences, check out our recent blog post: Coaching & mentoring – 5 crucial differences you need to be aware of).

Always carry out due diligence

Finally, it’s important both for your own peace of mind and for your finances, that you practice due diligence. Before you make your final decision, check testimonials and reviews. Spend a little time following the person on social media, so you can get a feel for who they are and how they work.

The trainer you ultimately decide on, needs to be someone who has similar values to you, as well as being someone who is approachable and honest. This is all things you can find out, thanks to social media. If they offer an initial call, book one and take the chance to get any lingering questions you may have answered, before you make your final decision.

It’s worth checking if there is a refund policy if your business is not successful or if there is a complaints procedure – in our case, we have both of these things, but you will need to demonstrate to us that you have in fact done the work and not just bought the course and left it untouched!

If you’d like to explore how the VACT can help you become a VA, why not book in a call? Not only will you get to speak directly to your potential future VA trainer, you’ll also be able to confirm whether we’d be a good fit for each other! So head on over to and book in a date and time that suits you – I look forward to speaking with you!