As a VA you could be missing out on a potential relationship building opportunity, if you don’t have a blog on your website.  However, a lot of VAs shy away from having a blog, simply because they don’t know what to write about.  This is something that can easily be solved though, if you keep your focus on the right reason for blogging.

A blog is about showcasing your expertise – except it isn’t!

Regardless of whether you’re a VA or any other business owner, a blog will help you showcase your expertise. It will also give you a chance to polish your writing skills and be beneficial to your SEO. These things are what having a blog can get you – but they’re not what a blog is about or why you need one.

If you’re looking at your blog as something beneficial for you, you’re focusing on the wrong reasons for having one. By focusing on what you can get from a blog, you’re putting excessive pressure on yourself. Not only are you going to get bogged down with the technical why’s and how’s, you could in fact, be knotting up your ability to come up with blog ideas or the motivation to start one in the first place.

Blogging is a way to give value

The whole reason for starting a blog on your site, is to give additional value to your clients. It isn’t about you – it’s about your clients.

Many business owners think that a blog needs to be personal, where you share your feelings, thoughts and anything going on in your life – but that isn’t the case. This kind of blog would suit personal life coaches, those in the self-help arena and anyone who deals in personal issues – as they’re all subjects their clients would be interested in.

As a VA, you need to focus on what YOUR clients need. What’s great about focusing on your clients, is how well you already know them!

Get those blogging ideas flowing!

So, grab a piece of paper, a pen and write down whatever words and phrases spring to mind, when you ask yourself the following:

  • What do my clients struggle with?
  • What are the biggest issues my clients have?
  • How do I help my clients – what solutions do I provide?
  • Why do my clients need a VA?
  • When do my clients come to me – what stage are they/their businesses at?
  • Who are they interested in, who do they follow online? What do these people write about?
  • When I think about my typical client and/or business, what words spring to mind?
  • What do my clients need to learn?
  • When it comes to systems, processes and software, what do my clients use (or need to use)?

Core issues all clients have

No matter what type of client you have, there are going to be some areas/words that relate to everyone. Typically, these include:

  • Managing time effectively
  • How to handle and manage stress
  • Rest, sleep and relaxation
  • Practical ways to look after health and wellbeing
  • Juggling family and work
  • Mental wellbeing
  • Fun and downtime
  • Learning and education – including books and courses

You can use any of these ideas above as a springboard for further blog posts ideas, aimed at your specific client. For example, managing time effectively could mean setting working hours around your kid’s routine, for the work-from-home mum. However, for a startup business owner, it could mean making the most of your commute time.

Blogging doesn’t have to be difficult if you remember to keep your focus on your clients. Not only do you already know a lot about them, you know the issues, problem and solutions they face – and in writing about these things you’ll be bringing additional value to your clients.

Our blog should help you: “Blogging – why you need it and how to get started” –

Do you have a blog on your site, or is it something you’ve been putting off? Did today’s article help you get motivated to start blogging or did it feed your imagination with new blog ideas? Why not share your experiences and thoughts in the comments box below!