How to become a Virtual Assistant is one of the most asked questions I get, as a trainer of VAs. It may also surprise you to know, that one of my top tips for new Virtual Assistants is to focus on being you. We’re all unique and, if you want to be an awesome VA (as I sincerely hope you do!), you need to play to your strengths.

But this isn’t something that you need to do only at the beginning of your career – it’s something that needs doing throughout your VA career.

How to become a Virtual Assistant? Stop over complicating things

Often, we’re guilty of over complicating stuff – especially when we’re just starting out. We look at what other VAs are offering and wonder if we should offer those things too. The clients we work with may be different, so we contemplate casting our net a bit wider. Skills we’re great at, may not be the usual ones offered by other Virtual Assistants – so we worry whether we should include them in our services.  

I want to tell you something important – swimming in your own lane is OK! You need to stop trying to be something to everybody. Know what you want to offer, what to track and what’s important to you and your clients.

Focus is key to business success

If you want to learn how to become a Virtual Assistant, you need to learn how to focus. As Intelligent HQ stated in their article ‘How to Simplify Your Life as a Business Owner’, if you want to simplify your life and tackle everything on your schedule, you need to be able to focus and simplify – and they offer some simple tips to make this easier. Repsly also offered some great tips on being focused, in their article entitled ‘Simplicity in Business: To be Simple is to be Focused’.

So, in my case – my passion is about inspiring, supporting and challenging people. I love to train people and help them have their light bulb moments. So instead of trying to be something to everyone, I work with 3 main types of people and offer 3 main things. We still have Events and Webinars etc, but the primary focus is on these 3 main offerings.

Focus isn’t just for people looking to learn how to become a Virtual Assistant

Whether you’re new to the VA world or an established VA, if you want your business to be smoother and easier for you, you need to ensure you know what your focus is in business.

Anyone who trains with me knows, if you want to learn how to become a Virtual Assistant, you need to:

  • Keep the idea simple
  • Set big goals
  • Not to be a perfectionist
  • Have the right systems & processes in place
  • Be clear on your offerings
  • Practice self care and ensure you’re filling own cup first
  • Play the long game
  • Be collaborative and not see other VAs as competition

At the beginning of the year, I needed to check my own business was on track and had the right focus. So I did what I train others to do – I revisited the strategies listed above.

How to become a Virtual Assistant is something the VACT is here to answer – with our streamlined offerings!

As mentioned earlier, my focus is to work with 3 main types of people, and offer 3 main things. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t just answering the questions around how to become a Virtual Assistant, but also servicing the needs of those VAs who were growing and expanding their businesses.

By pulling in our focus, we can now help VAs at different stages of their career:

  1. How to become a Virtual Assistant is a question we answer, with our VA Mastery Course or new VA Momentum Course training – where we train PAs and EAs to have their own VA business.
  2. We help VAs maintain professional development and business growth – with our subscription-based VA Membership, although we have a copy of our Kick Start Your VA Business Course in here, so if you are on a tight budget or want to just check what you have done is right – this will help.
  3. And if you’ve already started out in business and are now wanting to take it to another more profitable level, whilst working on your goals with the support and guidance of a very experienced Coach and Mentor – The Luminary One to One Private Coaching and Mentoring recognises that every business is different, no matter how similar they are – so would be perfect for you!

If you want to learn how to become a Virtual Assistant, you need to stop over complicating things, get focused and ensure you’re focusing on the right training for you. In our minds, that right training is one that focuses on helping you swim in your own lane, at a pace that suits you – and can help make you an awesome VA in the process.