We all have different reasons for starting our own VA business. For some, it’s to fulfil a dream or to satisfy a need. For others, it’s about getting the perfect integration between our work and home lives. No matter what your reasons, the overlying factor is an emotional driven urge – to be happy.

So, now you have your own business, let me ask you; ARE you happy? Are you happy with your business, the running of it and being in it as often as you are?

Unfortunately, there’s still many self-employed women who would answer with a resounding no!

Be happy in the present

If you’re not happy in your business, it could be down to several issues. The first issue; we often make our happiness dependent on some future goal. We don’t stop to appreciate how far we’ve come or acknowledge how much we’ve achieved already, we’re firmly focused on a what we still want to achieve.

There’s nothing wrong with a future-based goal, but it DOES become a problem, if you’re neglecting to live in and appreciate, the present moment.

At any minute of any day, you can stop what you’re doing, sit down and take a moment to look around and really see, what you currently have. Maybe you’re working from home as your children enjoy the summer holidays. Do you remember a time when you really wanted that as your next goal? How about working part-time hours? Was it always your reality or did it start with a desire to spend more time with your family – and you worked to make it your reality?

Happiness and success are both subjective

If you’re not currently happy, is it because you don’t have what you want? For many of us, we can get swept up in the illusion of someone else’s ‘happy’ or ‘ideal’ lifestyle. We work to bring the same into our life – only to find it doesn’t make us happy. Why? Because it was never our definition of happiness.

Our definitions of happiness and success are unique to us. They may have similarities to others who work for themselves, but they’ll never be the the same. If you’re not currently happy in your VA business, it’s time to sit down and get clear on what your definition of happiness is. Are you working with the right type of clients? Do you offer services and packages that suit you? How about your working hours and days?

As with success and happiness, there is no one size fits in a VA business – so, get clear on what your version looks like.

Do something that makes you happy

We can get so focused on making our VA business a success, we forget what makes us happy OUTSIDE of our working environment. What is it that brings you joy – and when was the last time you did it? Get it scheduled as a regular slot in your diary, so you can ensure you’re always topping up on your happiness.

Happiness is a choice we make. It’s something that is in our control, especially when we work for ourselves, so ensure that you’re always doing what makes you happy – at work and in your personal life.

How do you feel about your business? Does it make you happy? What are your thoughts about being happy in business? Why not share your thoughts, opinions and advice in the comments box below!

Image courtesy of Wavebreakmedia/DepositPhotos.com