Guest Blogs

  • Why Virtual Assistants Need Website Support Plans

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    If you’re a Virtual Assistant who charges by the hour, then you’ll need a way of recording your time. Clients need to know they’re paying solely for the time you spend on their task, and it kinda helps if you know how much to bill them for! If you charge by the project, then you probably won’t need a time tracker, but if you charge an hourly rate, then you will.


  • How to develop a personable brand voice

    You hear a lot of jargon in content marketing. CTAs, KPIs, B2B, SEO…

    It can make the prospect of promoting your business far more complex and intimidating than it really is.

    Marketing is simply about connection. Having conversations, building relationships and generating trust, so the right people want to work with you.


  • Top Five Places to Find A Guest Speaker

    Almost every Virtual Assistant (VA), Social Media Manager (SMM), and Online Business Manager (OBM) have, at some point in their career, been tasked with finding a guest speaker for their client’s podcast, group, or in-person event. And we all know how time-consuming that can be, am I right?


  • Dirty Money – Guest Blog by Sam Trim

    If you’re a woman entrepreneur, it’s likely that at some point you’ve been made to feel guilty about wanting or making money.

    “Money is the root of all evil,” they say.

    But what if we reframed the conversation around money in a more positive light?


  • Feature VA: Laura Taylor – EA2VA

    Meet Laura Taylor of EA2VA, Laura is a VA whose business has three core areas; Business, Events and Lifestyle, with her niche being in Events and Employee engagement. In this blog she answers the questions we have all wanted to know the answer to.