When it comes to getting your business noticed, it can be a long, slow road. You want to increase awareness about your business and your brand, but it costs both time and money, and they’re often both in short supply. Here are ten ways you can generate PR for your business and start getting yourself ‘out there’.

create PR with public speaking

#1: Speaking

Whatever type of business you’re in, there’s sure to be opportunities for you to talk about what you do and what you can offer. Putting yourself out there as a speaker gives you an opportunity to put yourself in front of additional groups of people you may otherwise not have contact with. Speaking also builds you as an expert in your niche which, in turn, opens more speaking opportunities.

#2: Blogging

Whether you have a blog on your own site (and I highly recommend you do!) or write guest blog posts for other sites, blogging is a great free way to build your profile and get you known. By building your own blog you’ll also give yourself masses of extra content to utilise and repurpose.

#3: Social media

It doesn’t matter what social media platform is your preferred choice, learning to utilise it to its best advantage is a sure-fire way to connect with your ideal clients AND raise your profile. Post interesting and relevant content and it’ll get shared around – leading to additional PR for your business.

#4: Magazines and newspapers

Writing articles for offline and online magazines and newspapers gives you instant credibility. But you could also put yourself forward as an expert that’s available for interviews – meaning you’ll increase your chances of getting mentioned in other articles and news stories that relate to your niche.

business awards gain you PR

#5: Business awards

Business awards add instant credibility and status to your business. They also provide perfect opportunities to network with influential people in your industry via the awards meals etc.

#6: Connect to a local charity

Whether you donate a percentage of each sale to a local charity or if you take a more hands-on role in the charity itself, it gives your business AND the charity additional opportunities to shine the spotlight on you both.

#7: Radio talk shows

Radio shows have a lot of time to fill – and what better way to do that than with a local business person who can help their audience in some way! Put yourself forward for interviewing and let them know what topics you can talk about and how it can benefit their listeners.

#8: Write a book

A book adds instant credibility to you and it serves as a great business card. Having a book in your name can open a lot of doors AND give you something else to talk about in the media.

#9: Networking

We often tend to live in an online world, but let’s not forget about the local networking groups. Not only do they provide additional speaking opportunities, they also get you in front of local businesses – meaning potential JV partners and additional marketing opportunities.

#10: Host an event

Hosting your own event can be immensely rewarding. It also gets your company name in front of more people – resulting in added exposure for your business.

What additional PR generating avenues can you think of? Do you have a plan for PR implementation for your business or do you just go with the flow? What strategies are you using in your business? Why not share your opinions and advice in the comments box below!

Images Rob & Elnur/Dollar Photo Club