There’s a lot of advice out there about running a business. One thing most business owners and articles will agree on, is the need to hire a business mentor and whether you need a VA Business Mentor. But when ARE you ready to take the plunge and invest in a mentor?

Hire one too early, and you run the risk of getting into debt before your business is even off the ground; hire too late, and you may have already run your business (and/or yourself) into the ground.

I personally would recommend you hire a VA Coach or VA Mentor, only if you can honestly say it’s wise or productive to do so. The following clear signs fall under one of both of these criteria.

1) You’re generating enough money to actually cover the cost

One of the first signs that illustrates you’re ready to hire a mentor, is the health of your finances. It doesn’t mean you have to be earning massive amounts – but you DO need to be earning something. There are many start-up businesses that want to hire a business mentor to help them get started faster but, if you’re not earning enough to cover the initial cost of investment, it’s not a wise investment to make. Do what you can to get regular income in, BEFORE you hire a mentor.

2) You need clarity and accountability

Working for yourself can be extremely hard work! It’s easy to lose sight of where you’re headed and how to get there. Working for yourself also has the massive benefit of not having a boss to watch over you – but this can be a double-edged sword – as it also means you’re only accountable to yourself!

If you’re a bit of a procrastinator or someone who has trouble with their motivation, you may just need to find a business mentor to help you gain clarity and to hold you accountable to achieving your goals.

3) You already have a strong business and want to take it to the next level

You are consistently earning from your business and are getting satisfactory results, however, you also know you can up your game and move up to the next income level – if you just knew how to make that happen. It could be that you’re scared of upping your game that bit more or you have hidden limiting beliefs around going from one income level to another, either way, it’s a good sign that you need help to get up to that next level.

4) You’re feeling as though you and/or your business are stuck

Sometimes, no matter how hard you’re working, you’re just not getting the traction you desire. You’re not sure if it’s you or the business methods you’re using are the problem – you just know there IS a problem and need help to move past it.

Hiring a VA Coach or Mentor then becomes a smart choice, as you’re getting the wisdom and insight of someone who has already walked the path you’re currently on. They have a successful business and know the pitfalls and problems you may encounter. They can take a look at your business, as well as your actions and processes, to see where you’re getting bogged down and jammed up.

5) You’re feeling overwhelmed

There can be several different causes to this feeling – from lack of organisation to your business growing too quickly for you. This means you either need to nip something in the bud or feel better prepared and more in control.  This is where a VA Coach or VA Mentor can help. They’ll be able to give you coping strategies and help you get in charge of your business.

Hiring a VA Business Mentor is an illustration of your commitment, in both time and dedication, to making your business a success. It shows you’re ready, willing and financially able to grow your business further and implement the steps needed, to make that happen.

How do you feel about hiring a VA Business Mentor? Is it something you’re already doing or are looking to do? Do you agree with the signs above or do you feel that there’s some different criteria for establishing how ready you are? Why not share your thoughts in the comments box below! 

If you are not sure if VA Coaching, Training or Mentoring is for you – you might find it useful to have a read of this article about how VA Coaching, Training and / or Mentoring can help you move forwards in your business. 


At VACT, we offer a variety of ways of working with a VA Coach / Mentor as part of our VA Membership. 

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