Best VA Training Provider in the UK

  • Winner: Voted Best VA Training Provider

    Best VA Training Provider 2017

    Recently, I was announced as the “Winner: Voted Best VA Training Provider” in the PA Assist Members Voice Awards for 2017, something I am very humbled by, especially as I was voted the 2016 Winner in the previous year.  Thank you to everyone who voted – apparently there were a lot of you and so I […]


  • Running My Business – My Way!

    Nearly 2 years, I started working with an awesome Business Coach / Mentor – Judith Morgan and today I want to talk about that journey and one of the major lessons I learnt from working with her – “Running My Business My Way.”   You might be wondering what has prompted me to write this […]


  • How to become a successful Virtual Assistant

    successful Virtual Assistant

    Success isn’t something that happens overnight, as any successful Virtual Assistant will tell you. It takes time and dedication to make your business work – and to get your business working for you. There are specific skills you need, in order to be a good Virtual Assistant, but those skills will vary, depending on the type of niche […]


  • Are you in business for the long or short game?

    business start up

    Starting your own business can be exhilarating. It can also be scary and overwhelming. One thing that you need to keep on top off, if you want your business to succeed, is your mindset around it. Have the right mindset and you’ll quickly implement the essential business fundamentals, to ensure you’re off to the best start. Have the wrong […]