I am often asked, why do I let other Trainers, including VA Trainers into my VA Help Desk Community.  People feel it is odd, that I am happy to promote some of my competitors, fellow VA trainers and coaches/trainers. People thought that this would surely take business away from me.  In all honesty with you – it allows me to bring the best possible resources to you.

Can I re-assure you, I am not worried about competition. I couldn’t train everybody, I’d be exhausted for a start, but not only that, I don’t want to work with everybody and not everybody will want to work with me. I have a very particular style of training which doesn’t suit everyone.  For starters, I can be very direct, honest and I don’t sugar coat things or blow smoke up xxxes.  If you want to see, if we would be a good fit to work together, book a discovery call and if we are – great – if we are not and I know someone better for you – I will tell you.

Why is it that all the trainers around the world, including Cindy Greenaway, Craig Cannings, Kathie Thomas, Tawyna Sutherland, Susan Mershon, Jacqui James, Lisa Wells and the many others, are doing so well? It’s because, like me, there is something unique that we all bring to our clients. We all have different life and business experiences, different schools of thought (although some similar ones also).

None of us are alike – yet we do have some things in common: we are collaborators, we are passionate about what we do and we love the people we work with. Most of all, we have the spirit of generosity.

Therefore, if you are worried about your competitors…STOP! It really does not matter where you are in the lifecycle of your business. People are buying into YOU. There will be clients who believe in you but also in your values and ethics, your style and passion. Of course it does also help having a niche market, therefore making you stand out from other VAs in that sense.  (But don’t die in a ditch if you have not yet identified your niche!)

There are a few particular VAs who have an amazing spirit of generosity, who share and are happy to collaborate with their competitors. They do whatever they can to support their VA community and are never worried about losing out to other VAs.

I believe that this makes them very attractive people, and ones that I know attract them to their ideal clients. It also gives an impression of confidence about them, that they understand their worth and value that never needs to be compromised.  Remember it’s about Being You and Being Awesome.

I’d love to hear your comments. What you do feel about your competitors?


Have you done any competitor analysis?