Recently, I was announced as the “Winner: Voted Best VA Training Provider” in the PA Assist Members Voice Awards for 2017, something I am very humbled by, especially as I was voted the 2016 Winner in the previous year.  Thank you to everyone who voted – apparently there were a lot of you and so I am exceedingly grateful that you have recognised the contributions I try to make to the industry.

Since I became the Managing Director of VACT Limited, I have worked tirelessly to support Virtual Assistants, Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants, other Admin Professionals or the sectors that work alongside the Virtual Administration profession  – my core underlying principles have always been “Inspiring, Challenging and Supporting”, “Authentic and Awesome”, and “Be You and Be Awesome.”  It is now interesting to see other VA Training Providers now start to say this is what they do too – or words to that effect.

I run my business according to the 5 laws found in the book “The Go Giver” by John David Mann and Bob Burg and you will see that I share a lot of information for free in the hope that it will start our relationship together, but at the same time – first and foremost, I have to be the CEO in my own business.  Over the last 12 months, I have revised and updated my core offerings to make them more affordable for those wanting to set up safely and securely and I am excited by the new DIY VA Mastery Course, the Luminary VA Course and the VA Training Academy® where you will soon be able to buy individual modules of the DIY Mastery Course if you feel there is a particular area that you really need to nail in your business.

What I haven’t shared until now, is a fair few of my 1:2:1 clients trained with other UK based Virtual Assistant Training Providers and then have come to me because there are a lot of gaps in their knowledge and they want to build that awesome VA business.  I won’t ever share the details of who those providers are but what I would say to someone considering training, coaching or mentoring is check out all of the Trainers – you have to find one you “know, like and trust”, don’t just read testimonials, if you can see contact details for the Testimonial Provider (you may have to do some detective work – like click links and go to their websites) ask them what you actually get.  I know anyone who has kindly provided a testimonial on my site, will endorse that I don’t stop caring about you at the end of your course, I am here to help your business become a success.  You could also check the Society of Virtual Assistants “How to choose the best virtual assistant course” – they don’t make any recommendations but they will guide you on things to look out for.

So if you are wondering what do you get when you work with me:

  • No bullshit
  • Kick-ass mentoring
  • Supporter
  • Chief Cheerleader
  • A Coach, Trainer and Mentor who has been there, done it, got the t-shirt but actually now wants to share that knowledge with you
  • My core values, front and centre of what I do
  • The occasional “JFDI” or “DYEP”

What you also get when working with me is something you don’t find with any other VA Training Provider in the UK and that’s the personal touch.  The program and the support you receive gets personalised to each person undertaking the training.

What you don’t get:

  • Someone who is out to sell to you
  • Ego stroking
  • Someone who is going to say what you want to hear, for fear of upsetting you.
  • An impersonal and fully automated course; watch this video and read this blog post

Well when you work with me – it’s the complete opposite, I am here with you inspiring, challenging you and supporting you to be an “Awesome” VA Business Owner.

There are lots of awards out there – what’s special about the PA Assist Members Voice Awards is that these awards are voted for by the Members of the VA, PA, EA and Admin Professional communities, check out the 2017 Winners here I am honoured to be listed amongst these awesome people.

So, that just leaves me to say “Thank you” – thank you for supporting me, thank you for supporting what I am trying to do for the VA industry, thank you to my clients for allowing me to be your Coach, Trainer and Mentor and more importantly, thank you for being part of the VA community. 

ps. The award now sits firmly on the shelf in my office, alongside last years award and my Royal Navy Commissioning Scroll.  Don’t they look awesome!