Month: April 2017

  • How to confidently raise your prices

    confidently raise prices

    If you’ve been in business for a while, you may feel the time is right to raise your prices. However, you may be worried about what your existing customers will think, or are concerned you’re going to have to justify your reasons for raising them. In order to raise your prices, you first need to […]


  • What does virtual mean?


    By definition, being a Virtual Assistant means you provide professional administrative, technical or creative assistance to clients from a location that’s different to that of the clients. Usually, a VA will work from a home office, providing remote support to several different clients, all in differing locations. This means a VA may well be working […]


  • 10 things no one tells you about working from home

    working from home

    Many a working woman wants to work from home, especially if she has elderly relatives or young children to juggle. We hear how great it can be, choosing your own hours and spending time with your family – but is it really all sunshine and flowers? Whilst working from home has its many benefits, there […]