We’re living in a digital world, of that, there’s no doubt. With the advent of smart phones and tablets, we’re taking advantage of being truly mobile. We’re loving the fact we can pick up our portable devices and take our business out of the office and into whatever environment and location we desire. But a lot of us still aren’t taking advantage of the mobile lifestyle. Why? Because our productivity takes a nosedive, as we don’t know what cloud-based apps we need, to stay productive whilst on the move.

The good news though, is this can easily be rectified. Here’s the lowdown on cloud-based apps that will aid productivity and allow you to seamlessly run your business from anywhere – whether you’re a digital nomad or a VA!

There’s a productivity app for that…

Whatever type of business or niche area you work in, there are tasks that are common across the board – such as to-do lists, finances, customer interaction etc. These are therefore, a great starting point (scroll over the app name to access the hyperlink):

Planning and organisation apps:

These apps allow you to capture ideas, store your notes, to-do lists and thoughts in one place and follow them through to completion. You can keep track of everything from your to-do list to your big picture – and assign tasks to others too.

Honesty moment:  Personally Evernote is my online filing cabinet that not only allows me to support clients while on the move but actually allows me to have access to huge volumes of data when not sat at my desk.

However, I have recently signed up for an account with Milanote which appears to be very similar but more creative minded and looks great for mapping out projects etc.  In fact their own site describes itself as: “Milanote is an easy-to-use tool to organize your ideas and projects into visual boards.”

CRM and Accountancy apps:

Customer relationship building is essential to your business growth – as is keeping up to date with your finances! These apps give you an easy way to do both.

Time and money

What’s great about these apps is they not only allow you to track your time, they can easily convert that time into invoices too through integration tools and API codes.

When it comes to financial apps, don’t forget to check out your own bank too. Most banks now offer mobile app access too and, of course, don’t forget the PayPal app either!  One of the reasons, I personally love the accountancy app that I use is the ability to upload my receipts at the time of purchase, meaning I no lose receipts at the bottom of my handbag (or in the top drawer of my desk) and remember to track all expenses!

Wellbeing apps

Productivity apps aren’t just limited to the work environment. There are lots of wellbeing apps out there, designed to help make your busy life less hectic, as well as encouraging you to look after yourself better.

Wellbeing apps worth trying out include:

  • Spotify (for music-based relaxation and personalised playlists)
  • Headspace (for meditation)
  • Recolor (destressing colouring books for adults)
  • LifeSum (healthy living simplified).

Knowing what cloud-based productivity apps to choose

Unfortunately, app selection is dictated by personal choice. This often involves an element of trial and error, however this period can be shortened considerably, if you ask other people for recommendations.

You may not initially know what apps are available or which ones are best suited for you. However, you can easily start to narrow down your options, by getting clear on what tasks you need to accomplish.

Start by making a list of what you need a cloud-based app to do, and then look at the options available to you. How do you need the app to integrate into your life?  What piece of technology do you want to operate the app from?  Having just checked my iPad and checked my own Productivity App Folder, I actually include apps such as Feedly, Dropbox, Skype, Zoom, WordSwag as all being apps that enhance my productivity as they allow me to work and be productive irrespective of my geographic location.

Take advantage of free trials and try out potentially suitable apps. Get a feel for how they work and which ones you find easiest to use. After all, your overarching desire is to find an app that will increase your productivity, whilst saving you time!

What cloud-based productivity apps do you use in your business? Why not share your recommendations and experiences, in the comments section below!  If you want to know which apps I use for specific things in my business, message me and I will share them with you. 

Image courtesy of Boggy22/DepositPhotos.com