In the forthcoming weeks, we will take a look at the different forms of communication, both written and verbal that you can use as part of your VA Marketing Toolbox.? You can use these communication processes in order to get your message across and attract your clients.

By the end of this Blog series you can decide which will be the ways you want to promote your business that will match your budget and schedule to start off with.? Once you find what works for you and gets results?keep at it!

What different tools are in your VA Marketing Toolbox?
What different tools are in your VA Marketing Toolbox?

Nothing can possibly work in isolation of itself and needs to be processed alongside another form of communication.? For example, one advert on it?s own is a one time only message and if never read again, has been a high cost low result method.? Just having a website on it?s own without anything that can drive visitors to it, is a pointless task.

By having different forms of ongoing communication, allows you to continue the flow of communication, relaying your message as well as building a relationship with people to ensure your brand remains (positively) in the forefront of their minds.

This is also important because people do not remember just one form of communication, so regular communication in different formats is more likely to have an impact on someone to ?buy? from you.

Which VA marketing tools you use will be dependent on your niche market and what is likely to capture the attention of your clients (potential clients).

Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive and as a Virtual Assistant you want to keep as much of your marketing as virtual as possible and as low cost as possible, which means not having to spend thousands on advertising!

One mistake many VAs will make is to cut down on their marketing activity in an economic downturn or when they do not have many funds, and all this does is prevent letting people know about you and instead letting them know about your fellow VAs.? I don?t suppose you really want to miss out on getting clients do you.

Let me know in the comments what methods of communications you have found to be the most successful.

Next week, we will start looking at Referrals and how you feel about asking someone you know for a referral.

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