This week we hear from Dina Behrman on “How PR Can Give Your Virtual Assistant Business The Boost It Needs”.

Dina Behrman Communications
Dina Behrman Communications

As a PR coach, one of the things I get asked the most is, ?will PR work for my business??

Often people struggle to see how doing PR and getting featured in newspapers and magazines would be relevant to them. And I know that for many virtual assistants, this is often the case.

Some of you may feel that that your business isn?t newsworthy enough.??Who?d want to read about me and my little business???you might ask.?Or you may feel that what you do just wouldn?t stand out from the hundreds of other virtual assistants around.??How am I any different to all the other VAs out there???you may wonder. ?Or you might have an attack of the ?little old me?s?.??What, little old me? I couldn?t possibly feature in a newspaper or magazine. Could I??

The truth is, PR is a powerful and important tool for ALL businesses. And as a virtual assistant, PR can give your business a real boost.

There are loads of reasons why PR is great for your business:

  • More exposure for you and your biz
  • Helps to build your brand
  • Enables you to position yourself as an expert in your field
  • Increases your credibility
  • Helps you to reach new audiences
  • Brings you more web traffic
  • Can bring you more leads
  • Enables you to grow your business
  • Opens doors to other opportunities such as speaking gigs

Many people think that their business is too niche or not exciting enough to appear in the media. But this just isn?t true.

Firstly, there are publications in every conceivable niche area ? you just need to find the one that?s right for you.

Secondly, it?s all about the way you approach it. Get the right news angle and journalists will write about you, even if you personally think your business isn?t exciting/sexy/interesting.

The other thing that might be holding you back from exploring the idea of PR, is the notion that it will cost loads. But guess what? There are a ton of PR activities you can do yourself at a very low-cost, or even for free. You just need to be a bit clever about it.

So if you?ve ever wondered ?will PR work for my business?? the answer is yes!


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In this interview Dina shared some of the following tips:

  • Why PR is vital if you want to grow your VA business
  • Why PR is more effective and miles cheaper than advertising
  • The secrets to making journalists want to write about your VA business
  • How you can use PR to expand your business and gain new opportunities
  • and more