Month: April 2018

  • Blogging ideas for a VA

    Blogging ideas for a VA - Blogging is a way to give value to those you would like to work with

    As a VA you could be missing out on a potential relationship building opportunity, if you don’t have a blog on your website.  However, a lot of VAs shy away from having a blog, simply because they don’t know what to write about.  This is something that can easily be solved though, if you keep […]


  • Prepare for your first prospective client meeting

    How do you prepare for your first client meeting as a Virtual Assistant? #virtualassistant

    What should you do to prepare for your first prospective client meeting? Originally published by Carmen MacDougall in MARCH 2012 – the tips shared in this post are as relevant today as they were then: “I was inspired to write this tip as one of my super duper VA Mastery Course trainees has done so […]


  • Getting results from networking? [updated]

    Getting Results from Your Networking Blog from Amanda Johnson VACT

    Originally published by Carmen MacDougall in 2011 where she shared her thoughts on networking. Are you (still) feeling nervous about attending a networking event? Are you stuck what to say? Are you consistently leaving a networking meeting without the desired results? With more VAs setting up in business it is even more crucial you are […]


  • Internet security and staying safe online

    safe online

    Internet security is something that we, as VAs and individuals, need to be on the ball about. As VAs, we have systems and procedures in place to protect our client’s passwords and personal information etc, including the likes of LastPass and DashLane. With GDPR implementation so high on our agendas, we’re all busy learning, understanding […]