Month: April 2020

  • Wednesday Wisdom – Fliss Murdoch – Your Virtual Angel

    Wednesday Wisdom Fliss Murdoch Your Virtual Angel

    This week I am pleased to introduce you to Fliss Murdoch of Your Virtual Angel.  Now, those who have been following me for awhile, will know that I don’t normally have new Virtual Assistants post their Wednesday Wisdom, but Fliss shares some great lessons that both new and experienced Virtual Assistants alike will benefit from […]


  • Stop lurking on social media!

    Social Media

    Social media is an area of marketing many small businesses struggle with. For some, it’s the overwhelm of it all, whilst for others, it’s knowing how to effectively use it in their business. But no matter what the reason for your struggles, you need to stop lurking on social media and get on with using […]


  • Wednesday Wisdom – Nancy Benn – Direct PA Services

    Wednesday Wisdom Feature VA Nancy Benn

    This week it is my pleasure to introduce you to Nancy Benn of Direct PA Services. Nancy is a member of the VA Membership and I am always envious of her being in warmer climates to me – I often describe her early business of that as a digital nomad. However, what Nancy shows is […]


  • Introvert vs extrovert – which makes the better VA?

    Shy or outgoing - does it matter

    What makes a better VA, an introvert or extrovert? It’s a question that is often asked, both by those looking to become a VA and those looking to hire one. But to answer that question you need to know what they both are and if their differences actually affect how they work as a VA. […]


  • Wednesday Wisdom – Penny Cooke – Virtual Ms Friday

    Wednesday Wisdom Feature VA Penny Cooke

    This week I am pleased to introduce you to Penny Cooke of Virtual Ms Friday for our Wednesday Wisdom piece.  I think Penny’s introduction of herself is great and very little I can add to it. Although. I will say – that when Penny stands up to or for a challenge – she nails it! […]