What makes a better VA, an introvert or extrovert? It’s a question that is often asked, both by those looking to become a VA and those looking to hire one. But to answer that question you need to know what they both are and if their differences actually affect how they work as a VA.

What does it mean to be an introvert? 

There’s a common misconception that an introvert is really someone who’s shy – and this isn’t always the case. To clarify, an introvert isn’t necessarily shy or low in confidence – they just find certain activities will drain them, as they need time alone to recharge their batteries. They’re often quietly confident and happy to calmly share their thoughts and opinions, if asked, and love being in the background helping others shine.

An introverted person often prefers to keep their network small, and this often extends to their business networks too. They’ll want to have fewer clients, but with each having a larger allocation of time, so they can take time to get to know those clients and be left alone to do their work in peace. Introvert VAs will appreciate having time to gradually build strong relationships with their clients, so  they can serve them better and be available, should they need more help.

What is an extrovert?

Thinking that all extroverts are loud and confident, is another misconception that’s often assumed by many. But an extrovert is so called, purely because they thrive on external stimulation and get their energy from being around other people. They love helping others and often will share their thoughts and opinions, and want to be shining up on the frontlines with you.

An extrovert likes to stand out and be an active participant. They have strong communication skills and are happy working with several clients at once, often on a multitude of different tasks. They like to be involved, so often will like to be actively involved in evolving and new projects, tasks and teams.

Which one makes for a better VA?

If you’re an extrovert or introvert, you may be wondering whether you have the right aptitude to become a VA. So I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear, they’re both equipped with the right qualities to become an awesome VA! 

It really comes down to the type of tasks that a client needs you to fulfil. An introvert is going to run a mile, if a client wants them to attend events and be front of house. They prefer to be left alone to work, and much prefer to be working behind the scenes, helping their client’s to shine. So if you’re an introvert, it means you’re great at creating and handling systems and automations, research and content creation.

An extrovert, on the other hand, is happy being in a more active role for their clients. They love getting on the phone and being part of an active team environment. Extroverts thrive on helping you find gaps in your strategy and throwing ideas and solutions into the mix. So if you’re an extrovert, you’ll find yourself happiest when working on project and team management, as well as customer service and sales roles.

Consistency is the key to success for both types of VA

Regardless of whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, if you want to be a better VA, you need to be consistent in your business. Here’s 5 tips to help you achieve that consistency in your VA business:

  • Have a plan in place
  • Focus on building and maintaining relationships 
  • Market your business in a way that suits you
  • Focus on being of service
  • Play to your strengths

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Introvert or extrovert – does it matter?

Wanting to know if an introvert or an extrovert makes a better VA, is a question that’s often asked, both by those looking to become a VA and those looking to hire one. But it isn’t something that can be answered with a simple ‘one or the other’ answer. It really boils down to the traits you want in a VA, as well as the type of tasks you’re looking to outsource.

But when it comes to being a VA, it doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert or extrovert – you can still be an awesome one, if you want to! What’s more important is that you know what makes you different and ensure you’re always focusing on those strengths – so you can provide the best level of service to your clients.

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