Often your past will effect your vision for your VA business. Lets think about your current situation, your current behaviour; your mind-set, your habits – is this something you feel needs to change in order for your VA business to be a success?


So, I’d like to focus on is imagining where you’d like to be.  Now quite often people say to me?  “Amanda, I really don’t know where I  want to be?” I’m not going to patronise them and sit there and say?  Well if you knew, what would it be, where would it be?? Or keep nagging at them until they give me an answer.

Sometimes, you really are so stuck that you just cannot see the wood for the trees. I give people time to really think about it and sometimes to almost go back in time. You might have to go back in time 5 years, 10 years or even just a year ago. It doesn’t really matter but go back to a time when you were actually a motivated person – this exercise will remind you of the person you were back then, when life was good, that whatever you’re stuck in a rut over now, you were not stuck in a rut back then. Things were going well for you, you were a different person maybe back then, maybe it was before a significant change that you experienced that didn’t go quite right.

Think, what motivated you in the past?  Did you have a vision of where you wanted to be?  Maybe that vision has changed; my vision of what I wanted when I was about 18 is very different to my vision 10 years later, and now as a mature mother, home owner business owner etc – that vision has massively changed again.

Of course, experiences mould you, values change and your experiences change you as well.

Now if that doesn’t work for you, think about what you’re being motivated away from. What is it that you don’t want anymore that you want to completely eliminate from your life right now? So what do you want to be motivated away from?  (Often it is the pain that motivates us towards the pleasure.)

Then start to think about what motivates you.   It could be money, it could  be a new lifestyle, it could be great relationships, it could be a new career, however, you need to be really specific because you’re going to be really disappointed when things don’t happen for you.

Actually by having a blurred vision you’re not going to get anywhere and you’re not going to be able to create a very strong action plan or blueprint for achieving what you are motivated towards.

If you are looking for someone to help you work out that vision and more importantly achieve it – then my one to one coaching programme could be exactly the thing you need.