Networking is an important part of your VA business and believing in your business community is part of this.


  • It is the cornerstone of your business
  • Relationships come first, then business follows
  • Each person you meet teaches you something new in some way or another i.e. how to build your confidence, a new school of thought, an idea from a different perspective etc.
  • A community is as important to your business as your financial plan or business strategy.
  • There is a high cost to your business by having poor relationships with people or no one at all.

Think About this… When you are looking to use someones services i.e. an accountant, solicitor, and financial advisor, would you take on that supplier just like that, no questions asked? Or would you like to get to know them and their business a little more before you feel that gut feeling which tells you “yes” this person is good or “no run for it!”  Perhaps someone else has done the work for you and referred the supplier/service provider to you based on great testimonials that always makes you feel reassured. (With a referral or a recommendation you are more likely to engage with the person much quicker aren’t you?)

Building relationships with people is important because, not only do you see whether your first judgements were correct (as often they are not), you grow to like, trust and respect that person and want to support them as well as want that person or business get to know you –  so they can support you also.  It all goes hand-in-hand or as I often say to people “know, like and trust.”

All of the VACT courses and programmes have an element of networking in them – be that the private support communities that go with the VA Mastery Course or the VA Membership, the Master Your VA Business Workshops, the VA Masterminds affectionately referred to as Get Shit Done Days or our free communities that build relationships. If you are looking for that networking support why don’t you reach out and connect with Amanda to see how we can help you get moving in the right direction.