how to be a successful VA

  • What’s Next? Your Past and Your Vision

    Having a work life balance is important - as a Virtual Assistant you can have that balance

    Often your past will effect your vision for your VA business. Lets think about your current situation, your current behaviour; your mind-set, your habits – is this something you feel needs to change in order for your VA business to be a success? Yes! So, I’d like to focus on is imagining where you’d like […]


  • Are you secretly scared of the success you seek?

    fear of success

    Every business owner wants their business to grow and do well and VAs are no different. However, we can often inadvertently sabotage the very success we seek, by letting our fears and worries get in the way. When it comes to those fears and worries, one of the top fears is actually a fear of […]


  • How to have the confidence to charge your true worth

    confidence charge your worth

    Charging what you’re truly worth is something a lot of new and fledgling VA business owners struggle with. Why? Often, they haven’t yet understood the value they’re offering to their clients, nor the confidence to understand what makes them unique when compared to other VA’s in their industry. Charging your true worth has as much […]


  • Stop trying so hard in your VA business!

    VA business

    You want to start your VA business on the right foot, you also want it to do well. So, like any other new business owner out there, you look around and find someone who’s already doing what you want to do and try to emulate them, right? It’s not that you want to BE them, […]


  • Are you a new VA who’s feeling overwhelmed with the basics?

    new VA

    The great thing about starting your own VA business is you really don’t need much, in the way of tools and equipment, to get up and running – and this is why so many people are training to become VAs. However, once training is over, you’re faced with the reality of needing to launch and […]