The great thing about starting your own VA business is you really don’t need much, in the way of tools and equipment, to get up and running – and this is why so many people are training to become VAs. However, once training is over, you’re faced with the reality of needing to launch and grow your own VA business – and that can easily feel overwhelming.

If you’re currently at this stage, the first thing you need to do is not panic! The worst thing you could do, at this early stage, is to rush into launching your business, before you’re ready – and this leads onto my first tip…

Tip #1: Give yourself a launch date to aim for

Giving yourself time to correctly launch your business, is vital to your success. You need to ensure you have a launch plan in place that ensures you have the right business structure and insurances in place, business, marketing and social media plans ready and know what your compelling message will be. A launch period of 3 months is a good starting point, if you have help and support to guide you (such as our ‘VA Mastery course‘ or ‘VA Membership’ or working with a VA business coach or mentor etc.) – you’ll need longer, if you want to go it totally alone.

The beauty of having a launch date in place, is it not only gives you a definite date to aim for, it also ensures you don’t procrastinate – especially if you’ve already advertised launch specials etc.!

Tip #2: Get support

Once you’ve completed your basic VA training, you’ll still have basic questions about being a VA, but you’ll also be eager to get started and earning money for yourself – and this is why you need support.

At this early stage, it’s really easy to get overwhelmed and confused. Whether you’re wondering how much to charge or how to get new clients (hint: focus on building relationships first – as this takes time), being able to ask for help, advice and get answers to your questions on moving forward, will be invaluable to you.

Tip #3: Build your network

This isn’t just about building relationships with potential future clients, it’s also about building relationships with other VAs – as this leads to future collaboration.

Regardless of what type of industry you’re in, working alone can be lonely. If you take the advice in Tip #2, you’ll have support during the start-up stage, but you’ll do well to continue having support throughout your business life too – especially from those who’ve already taken the path you’re currently on.  Online support networks are great for this, as they enable you to share ideas and good practises, share details of clients who are looking for VAs with specific skills or who aren’t suitable for your business, as well as providing holiday and sickness cover with each other, if needed.

Finally, whether you’re looking for short-term or long-term support, make sure you pick those that have a proven track record in the VA industry. Check out places such as FSB guides and Cobweb Scavenger report (, as well as asking other VAs for their recommendations.

Are you a new VA and feeling overwhelmed with the basics? You don’t need to be, we have a VA Mastery Course that has been designed to hand hold you through the process of setting up, launching and having a successful VA business. Learn more here.